I forgot what?

Everyday I plan on heading to the gym, first thing in the morning! Committed ( I should be) I know, sounds that way right, at least in my head it does ! I even sleep in my gym clothes somedays! However that sometimes back fires. One morning I jumped out of bed at 5:30am tossed on a sweat shirt and put on my sneakers and thought “Wal La what a great idea, didn’t have to think about what to wear to the gym!” I grabbed my nanner, a water, my keys and ventured out in the dark to hit the gym!

I felt great to be getting this out of the way, starting my day fresh and early! It wasn’t until I was doing my thing on the Ellipical (glider as I call it) I took my sweat shirt off, since I was working up a sweat and felt a jiggle. As I looked down at my white t shirt I noticed ….I forgot my BRA! Well the girls were flappen all over the place, so needless to say I had to SLOW down so I didn’t lose an eye and put my sweat shirt back on and cut the workout short! That wouldn’t be a huge problem for most people and I am by no means well endowed but I got a nice rack a filling “C” cup. They need support that’s for sure! Gotta take care of the girls they are my best asset! I don’t want them hanging to my knees when I hit 50!So no "free boobing" work outs for me had to call it a day! Who knows what else I'll forget!

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