Makeup WHY?

I am trying to figure out why…….why do you do your hair and full face of makeup to hit the gym? I understand that certain gyms are considered a meat market. However that being said the one I attend is not! It’s in a community full of married, middle aged, working class, stay at home mom’s…. ect. It’s not full of hotties that you would want to take home. Well maybe one or two but that’s about it! And yet people still show up all gussied up!

Although , I have noticed no one is gussied up at 5:30 a.m. we all look as if we rolled out of bed and headed there! One person that is not there and will never be there is Slacker! She tells me she’ll think of me as she wakes up at 7! There is no convincing her otherwise! I don’t know maybe she would combust into the ball of flaming gas if she wakes up early , just like if she does more then 30 minutes of exercise! But I guess I will never know! It does get boring thou when I don’t have her there to compare notes with and get her genius advice!

More wisdom from my genius friend , who I think may be a little deluisional because she emailed me to let me know that she had her sneakers on while she was cleaning the house so therefore she feels that she has at least burned 500 calories. Can you image by just having her sneakers on! So by her theory , I have my work out clothes on , I should be burning at least that, just sitting here in my gym clothes typing!

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