8 going on 18

I can't believe Caleb is 8 today! While most days are longer then others and it feels he should be 18 already, then others days fly by! I didn't think we would make it to 8 and still be sane! But then what really is the definition of sane? And how many people do you actually know who are "sane" and not just pretending to be?

I have to say in 8 years of being a mom , I have learned alot! And I also have figured out a way to prevent teen pregnancies in the process! I have decided they should show those child birthing tapes they show in Lamaze class in school...the earlier the better ( now those scared me! ) ! Hell that would make anyone keep their legs closed! Those are disgusting! Just like the baby shows on the TLC The Learning Channel ( those should be pay per-view) . Some things are better left unseen!

Somethings I have learned are .......

*Little boys can pee anywhere, even in the car going 75 mph in an empty water bottle! ( Not something I taught him)

*They hear only what they want to hear....(I'm guessing this is all children and not some new discovery I have made) Like when he says "Can I have a Brownie?" and my reply is " Yes , AFTER you eat dinner." The only part he hears is "Yes" as he process to eat the brownie!

* Homework is torture....for the parents! I'm hoping to make it out of second grade!

*They are to smart for their own good! Like when Caleb googled " Riverwood Homework" thinking he would get the answers for his homework!

*Bugs, lizards, frogs, snakes , bones and owl throw up is fascinating for boys....although I still sherk like a girl....OH YEA I AM A GIRL!

*Bodily functions are apparently the funniest thing ever....to boys that is!

*If your in a hurry they take their sweet time! Like now ...........

Something else I am learning is ............

* They grow up way to quick!

Things I m still waiting to learn.......... patience! But who knows when or if that will ever come!

Happy Birthday Caleb! Let's make this year of being 8 exciting, exhilarating and eye popping! I'm sure I need to hold on before this year flys by too!

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