Slacker's wisdom on the gym......

I find it so boring to head to the gym by myself so I love having , my favorite “Slacker” to hit the gym with! She is a riot! Makes our workout fly by! That and she does only 30 minutes. Any more you’d think she was going to combust in to a falling gas ball and explode. On the rare occasions when she is distracted by our gossiping fest and goes over the 30 minutes she has allotted to workout when she notices that STOP button is slapped and she is done! That being said “Slacker” does have great insite thou like today she was wondering “Why….Why would people run on a treadmill?” She had a great point …no one is chasing you, so why would you run? I have to say I envy the people that run , I wish I could run. However I have a huge problem when it comes to running I forget to breathe which I am sure is a requirement to be a runner.

More of “Slacker’s” great advice is when I complain that I am sore from working out………. is not to go to those torture classes! She doesn’t go therefore she doesn’t complain! Makes sense I know! I consider myself fairly fit, I aim to work out about 5 days a week , eat a good diet, I do cardio and weights and it never fails when I take a boot camp class it kicks my ass! It hurts muscles I didn’t even know I had! So as extra punishment today I took Zumba which is a Latin/salsa class. It has great loud Mexican music, the moves are so sexy…that is until you have a roomful of us white girls with no rhythm! We pretty much look like a frog in a blender arms and legs failing all over! But it’s a great workout and now I have even more muscles I didn’t know I had, hurt even more then before!

I tried to explain to “Slacker” that I wanted to lose a few more pounds because the stripe on my workout pants pulls to the front a little from my pouch. More wisdom from her is“ To not buy pants with stripes” HELLO why didn’t I think of that! Mental notes to remember: no pants with stripes, don’t run if no one is chasing you, don’t attend classes of torture on purpose !

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  1. I think this Slacker friend of yours is a genius!!!!! smartest person I have ever heard talk. I think if you listen to her - you might not be as fit as you are now but you too would have genius insight!!!!!