Booger Factory

Seriously, I am over 2013 already let's fast forward be done with it and I'll try my luck at 2014! Monday night I tried talking to PC because GASP............the next day was Tuesday.....and if you don't know what that means, then read this post to catchup "Crash Course".

I sat in his room hoping that the conversation would lead to ...I dunnno a freaking miracle and he'd see the light and be like "Yeah mom , lets try on some other clothes, I sooooo hate this brown shirt too that I've been wearing since Christmas, and I'm ready to be back to my old self and wear what ever the hell you have in my dresser! " Yeah I'd even be okay if he slipped in said the word hell at that point!
Nope no such luck, the conversation pretty much came to a crashing halt as  hit a brick wall, at full speed.
PC: "No I am not going to practice wearing other shirts,no I am not going to the doctors,  stop talking to me, I don't want to talk to you, leave me alone"  ~ Pretty sure he had this phrase set to loop because that's all he'd say.
I really was quite proud of myself that  I was still using the calm , rational mom voice and not the screaming lunatic mom that I am so often these days. I reminded him that we have our appointment with the OCD doctor tomorrow and REALLY  I did not want to sit there for hours on end, like last week when he wouldn't remove the freaking shoe for over 45 minutes!
Okay...okay ....lunatic mom is starting to rear her ....SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, OUCH,OUCH,OUCH!
Hummm what is the snap, snap , snap you ask? Well everyday at work my mail comes bundles with orange rubber bands, that I now am wearing as a stylish fashion accessory and snapping the shit outta my wrist as soon as I am getting ready to SNAP and become the crazy luniac mom and I give myself a SNAP when I start to carry on about the FREAKING BROWN SHIRT......(this post explains)...SNAP SNAP SNAP!!!

In walks the hubster who gives his 2 cents, storms out and then does the unthinkable.....throws out the entire pan of freshly baked Brownies he had just made in the trash! WTF - I was waiting for those to cool jackass! UGHHHH

PC decides this conversation is over and he goes to bed at 7:30pm, with no brownies (for any of us)...other then the one he nabbed before we started our "chat".  I settle in on the couch and begin to absolutely dread going to his appointment the next day and can just imagine how utterly painful it will be.And actually start to envision ways to get out of the appointment because I know it'll be a disaster!!

Then it starts..... the sneezing, I can actually here the snot spraying boogers with each and every sneeze. EWWW  after a few minutes I walk back into his room, with tissue box in hand knowing that boys will be boys and they are too freaking lazy to actually go get a tissue and his lovely brown shirt would be booger coated. I know lovely visualize you have now right! So along with the sneezing comes the coughing........

WTF- great in the 30 minutes you laid here in trouble you become a sick booger factory! UGHHHHH I send him to the shower to de-boog and hope that the steamy shower will help with the mucus now he is coughing up. Because I know as soon as the hubster realizes what is happening it'll toss him right over the cliff (which he is half way over it now obviously..........he proved that theory........ since he tossed out freshly baked Brownies!!!). Here's the thing, he cant deal with the coughing when PC gets sick, he is much like his mother and has a fear of the little gem choking. He paces the floor, walking back and forth in front of PC's room,  has slept out in his car, gone to the office at midnight, slept outside on the lawn chair just to be able to get some shut eye.

Great just freaking walks hubster right on cue ..."What is he getting sick? That's just great!" ........Oh yes that's just what I was thinking......But least now we wont have to visit the OCD doctor tomorrow and I have another whole week to try and and get him to at least pretend like he doesn't want to look like the UPS man and be in a freaking brown shirt anymore!

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