It's not BROWN

It's been a busy week ~  and we have had a lot of break through this week! First off after arguing with my little Prince about him NOT studying for the big science test he was having and arguing with him that "YES you need to study longer then 5 minutes or they wouldn't send this packet home for you to study"  And "No you don't know it after only glancing at the paper for 5 mins" that PC may have some type of photographic memory!
Being me, and having to prove to him that he did not know this science crap ( not that I would know this science crap ~ even if I did study) I snatched the paper from him to quiz him on these vocabulary words....well he handed me my ass on a silver plate! That boy knew every freaken definition to every freaking word!! And even had to tell me that I was pronouncing some of them wrong! Needless to say he ended up getting a 100% and not only a 100% but the highest grade in the class,  I asked how he knew that and he told me that the top 4 kids went to the principles office for a treat so he asked what their scores were...and well no one was 100% like he was!
Kinda makes me wonder if I wrote down his chores and other things I tell him to do 400 times a day  and posted them everywhere....that it would sink in and he'd remember to pick up his dirty clothes and put them INTO the hamper they are sitting next too?? Or when you take the last waffle out of the box in the freezer to TAKE the BOX OUT and toss it!!When we are going somewhere to get your shoes on, this way when we arrive at our destination you don't look down and say...did you bring my shoes??
At PC's  new school they earn "Goal Days" if your grades are a B and above then you earn the day off, while the rest of the kids go and finish make up work and get extra help. We got a letter in the mail that PC was behind in his Language Arts class , and would have to stay after on Wednesday's and Thursday to make up missing assignments, or he would not earn Friday as a goal day. Sounds simple and like a no brainer eh? Stay after for 2 hours and get a whole day off?? Hell yeah! I'd do it! NOPE - PC wasn't stayen after and wasn't going to school on Friday ew\ither because "That battle axe (aka his teacher)  lost his work and he wasn't going to re do it" UGHHH let me bang my head into a wall now and save some time!! Lucky for me the hubster must have talked some sense into that boy  ~ really I cant even write that without a giggle....we all know it should say "bribed" that boy and he ended up staying after on both Wednesday and Thursday with the old battle axe and earned his 1st Goal Day!
Then today was another huge break through.... we went shopping!He actually wanted to go shopping! He wanted to go shopping for clothes!! And not brown ones!!!!  I can see the unicorns an rainbows now as I am seeing my little Prince Charming in a nice TEAL BLUE shirt instead of that FREAKEN BROWN wanna be the UPS man shirt!! This is huge I have not seen him in anything but that brown shirt since Xmass!!! He picked out 2 teal ( yes same teal but different designs) on the back and a white t-shirt!He even said I'm so happy to be out of the brown shirt...can we burn them???OMG~ OMFG~ OMG~ While I was screaming in my head  YES~ YES ~  YES lets have a huge friggen bon fire out back and burn those brown shirts of yours....I reframed because all good things come to an end! I can see it the flames are high as the house he'd change his mind and then decide he hates his new teal shirts and want those brown ones back!!! But at least we have a new color!! And he actually picked out new sneakers and everything! Then when we went to Target he asked for new deodorant, new toothpaste, body wash and mouthwash! He told me in the car - it was going to be a whole new him!
 WTF who is this child and............can I keep him??  

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