It's All Relevant

Finally PC is wearing the new sneakers, and......... well he is wearing the "teal " shirt to bed and on the weekends ~ Really only because I tell him the "brown" ones are not clean yet.......but as I am often told...."Progress is Progress"........ughhhhh  I agree but it's right up there with "This To Shall Pass"  and it  still makes me want to get the skillet out and smack someone upside their head!!!

Today a letter came in the mail addressed to me regarding PC's tuition for next year, luckily we are still able to get a scholarship ( guess that's my silver lining to his issues) and then we qualify for the "school sliding scale scholarship" (Thank you Jesus~ I can still go shoe shopping). So that's all good news right?? Yep that it is...however while reading I noticed that the 1st page addressed to me to tell me my portion of tuition would be $3,000 for the school year! That is fan-freaking-tastic! Yep it's $3000 for TYLER ......Who the fudge-noodles is Tyler (last name is inserted also) on page 2 it's the breakdown of tuition and payment details and my portion for PC (correctly named on page 2) is $3750!! Hummm looks to me like I'd much rather be paying Tyler's tuition payment!! And I'm suppose to sign the letter and send it back ~ I think I should sign page 1 cross out Tyler's name and insert PC's name!!!

Speaking of shoes.....(really we were speaking of shoes...see above about the sneakers and the mention of shoe shopping and tuition...yep it's all relevant) .......... now then....back to could I NOT take these home with me when we went shopping last week ?? I mean HELL-O....they were literally shouting my name..... and my favorite color!!!! And they were on sale ......that did it ~ it was my destiny to bring these new boots home with me!!!
 "Pink & Pepper"  are you kidding me??? OMG I seriously should be getting a cut of the profit on this business adventure - someone used my favorite color and love love love of all shoes and created a name brand without even consulting me!!!

There was no stopping me after that purchase because the next store it was Sale -o-rama and Boot-mania!!! So I couldn't leave these at the store either......I mean HELL-O~ they practically pay you to leave the store with them!!

 My breakdown
4 pairs of boots $390.00 retail value
Total paid....     $  74.00
AND they gave me $20 Kohl's bucks and $30 Bealls bucks!!! So really it was almost like getting the boots for $24.00!!!

Okay so that could be stretching  it a tad and I never said I was a math wizard ....... but it's still some damn good retail therapy shopping if you ask me!!!!


  1. Love the new boots!!!

    Hmmm I think since they sent you the wrong info for PC's tuition that they should give you the $3k deal.

  2. Yeah I tried... it didnt work! :) Miss ya