Gone Wild

REALLY?Do we have to show the public how to be idiots! Pretty sure there are enough in the world, that we don't have to had out huge trophy to say Good Job Jackass!
is a new TV show that started last night and of course PC and the Hubster were super exited to watch! Really it should be called "Stupid People Do Stupid Shit"! But no I guess that was the show they were watching when I got home " Dumbest Daredevil Part 2" which means there was a part one??? Do people really wake up and decide one day to put clothes pins on there face? And then kept adding them until you had....oh I dunno.......... 170 of them hanging from their face!OUCH WTF?? Yep...sounds like that would be a World Record for some dumb ass person!!! Or hey why don't I eat 20 flaming candles one at a time....in less than 2 minutes ...humm ............your choking on the melted wax in your throat SHOCKING really! Just wait til you hit the bathroom later ewwwww that won't be pleasant!
I just looked at the hubster and PC and said "Let's not try and of these tricks at home please"!!
Hubster:"We had a chat today and we are going shopping this weekend for some new shirts" (Hopefully not BROWN ones) "AND he is going to do his best to be good if you promise not to yell at him"
Me: " Hummm seems to me ....I wouldn't yell if he was BEING GOOD!!! " I mean HELLO really?
And this morning I get a call on my way to work ~
PC " Hey Mom can you see if you can get a haircut scheduled for me tomorrow? "
Me: "Who is this?"
PC: " Funny mom ~ call and see if I can get my haircut with Ms. Mel and have a good day."
Me: "Ummm okay who is this again?"
PC:" Bye Mom"
So here's the thing..... PC has not had his hair cut since JUNE yes JUNE of 2012....he hates haircuts, the last one he got in June he cried and cried after we left because it was too short! Yep that's what happens when you sit down and say " Give me a crew cut"  and frankly if he wants to look like Cousin It from the Adam's Family, or a long lost Beetle who the hell cares!  I have better battles to fight then thatb at the moment  ~ like I dunno getting him out of the freaking BROWN shirt! I am pretty sure I am going to be anti -brown anything pretty soon!!!
I'm positive that  hubster bribed PC for this whole going shopping, being good and now a haircut??? Humm what could he have offered?? A new car? His very own Visa? A new computer??Me to stop breathing?? I know a deal was made and  I know it'll be big....I have high hopes for the shopping and the hair cut and the being good.....BUT then again.........I haven't been drinking so I am not delusional  enough to believe it'll be all rainbows and unicorns this weekend ~ but I am hoping!

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