No Awards Coming My Way

Well I was right ~ the hubster did make a promise so that PC would get a haircut! Lucky for me it wasn't a plot to kill me or a promise of a new car so PC could run me down! No it was for the hubster to put " Minecraft" on his computer so they could play together, oh and he also wanted it on my computer but the hubster knew better and decided that probley was not going to happen.  So now they can sit in 2 seperate rooms, both on their computer and yell back and forth about what they are doing! Fan-Freaken- Tastic ~ now they both can go on and on about "This One Time In Minecraft" ..... but he did get  a haircut......not that you can tell, it was a trim....not even a noticeable trim!

Not winning any "Mother of the Year" awards this weekend ~ not even in the running! The hubster won a "Adventure Time House Party" Adventure Time is yet another ridlouous show that he likes! Anyways when the hubster opened his email to a winning the party link he had 10 minutes to put in the date, time and 10 emails to win. Which he did, which I forgot and apperanetly so did the 10 people that he put in the emails for. Did I mention that he made the party time 3pm..............on a Saturday? The box arrived with all the goodies to hand out at the party and a "New Epsoide not yet aired" ~ you are suppose to watch it at the party and provide pictures and feedback!

 I get home from work at noon-ish on Saturday and the house is nice and clean.  PC has the balloons blown up, and on the phone with his buddy and says "Hey Mom - Will wants to know what he can bring to the Party?"  I look at him and say I not really sure we are having a "real party" not sure anyone is actually coming we kinda forgot! But tell him to bring what ever and we'll get pizza and watch the show".

Needless to say the look on his face of total shock and sadness that we would not be having a party about killed me! So I started back peddling and running around like a chicken with my head cut off! I start texting, calling and posting on Facebook to bring your child to my house at 3pm!!! I was able to round up a few people to attend. Thought about asking random people at the grocery store if they wanted to attend~ but than again I didn't want to seem like I was a crazy stalker lady!  I think he just wanted me to race around like a crazy lady and so we'd have lots of snacks in the house and pizza! I should have known that when he and his buddy were not very interested in the Adventure Time show they were there to watch, but more interested in there 3rd and 4th piece of pizza and running to his room to play MINECRAFT....that they had already watched it!!! One of the requirements for the party is for you to post pictures of the party....this is where and only where that Freaking Brown Shirt came in handy!! I photo shopped a picture of PC and his buddies that I took the day before they went back up north in to the party picture!AHHHHHHHHHH

You would think by pulling off a "Adventure Time Party" and having a few people show up at my house for a party and all the freaking snacks I ended up getting I would have redeemed myself and gotten some type of Mother of the Year Award! Or a Thank you! Nope sure did not!  By Sunday night he was storming off to bed at 7pm telling me that " I have ruined his life, his entire life" ~ WOW really all 11.5 years I have ruined? Really?? I've ruined his entire life???

So are you wondering exactly HOW I managed to ruin his ENTIRE life on Sunday night? Well here is the horrible thing I did....are you ready?? Brace yourself........... I opened the freezer and found that he had a huge mess of crumbs from the "Oreo Ice Cream Cake" left overs ( from the party that is) all over the bottom of the  freezer and the kitchen floor! The horrible thing I asked him to do.................."Get off the computer and clean it up" and no I did NOT make him lick it up off the floor with his tongue! I just asked him to clean it up!

He tossed a paper towel on the floor walking away with a " UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and went into the bathroom and then his room.  So I wiped it up walked in to his room and VERY CALMLY I might add  and  said "Since you cant do what you are asked to do, then you will not be on the computer"  He argued back that he was going to clean it up but he had to go to the bathroom..... I replied still calmly "Well I guess you should have mentioned that BEFORE I cleaned up your mess and now you need to turn off the computer"

And well there you have it ..........That is how I have single handily RUINED HIS ENTIRE LIFE! Oh well he went to bed at 7pm and woke up at 7:30am, I just may have to ruin his life a little more often if he plans on going to bed at 7pm and I get to have a peaceful evening!

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