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Why is it everyone else in this house can sleep but me??? I am on my 3rd night of not being able to sleep! I have the hubster snoring like a mac truck in the living room, no he hasn't been banned to the couch because of his snoring ~  he chooses to sleep on the couch~ instead of our king size bed! That's okay it leaves more room for me and Tweety Bird....my cat....who has to be pressed right against me! Yes because clearly there is not enough room on the bed that he could scoot over!! Then I have Rigby the Golden Kitty, who thinks midnight is a fan-freaken-tastic time to start playing with the vertical blinds in the bedroom!!! Hubster usually can tell in the morning when he's been a bad kitty....since he finds half the pillows ~from his side of the bed of course~ not like he is using them ~ all over the floor in our bedroom! I usually fling 2 or 3 pillows  to get my point across to knock that shit off before Rigby gets it! But he is a cat....so you know they really don't give a shit what you think!

On to the next strange sound...oh yea that would be PC he talks...often in his sleep! A few minutes ago it was some non-sense babbling about magical ice cream??? He also sits up and will yell "Mom, mom , mom come here"  I go in and there he sits eyes wide open pointing at whatever thing he sees (I see the floor with his dirty clothes next to ...not in............. the hamper) and he will start talking with his eyes wide open ....I've learned over the years to just say "okay and yep I see it"........give a nudge to his forehead to push him back down and off to slumber land he goes....while I am now awake!! He also sleep walks.... yep found him one time in the hubsters office pants down ready to take aim in the chair....luckily for the hubster I turned him around and got him to the bathroom.......just in time!

At least since I haven't been able to sleep , I have been somewhat productive.....cleaning up (not really out) my closet, I got a tad side tracked ~ oh something shiney~ and started going through 6 boxes of photos!!
Seriously for someone creatively crafty like myself ( man ~ nothen like tooting my own horn eh?) I truly suck when it comes to putting together photo albums!! And I learned that I doubly suck at writing any ones name on the photo because I guess at the time I knew who the hell these peeps were ....whelp guess what I don't remember who they are now or when and where the picture was taken!!

Especially love all the school pictures from peeps I went to school with and reading the little note from them....the same damn people you cant figure out who the hell they are or if you were really friends with them?Because surely if you were friends then there name would ring some kinda bell right??? Or did they just hand out there school pix to anyone who would take it?? Yep some of the ones I have sure do look to fit that profile...well that or they could be a serial killer they kinda had that look to them to!!! Hummm wonder if I'd see or remember them at my 20 year reunion this summer!! I seriously must have been a freaken genius....to be having a 20 year high school reunion when I am only 29!!! So I guess I graduated at 9!! Yep that must be where PC gets his smarts....his genius mother!!!
 I will be weeding out the photos...and purging all the ones that I have no idea who they are or the ones  I hate and cringe when I see them ~ because when I die (hopefully not for awhile) but when I do and peeps start rummaging through all my crap to find photos of me ~ they will not be sharing those at my funeral!!! No freaken way!!! I need to delete all these on the computer to -- because it's not like we have had a roll of film in a camera for years~ who even knows what the hell a roll of film is anymore! Certainly not PC - he didn't even know what a freaken ice cube tray was....NOPE not joking! He was fascinated until he realized that if you take all the ice out and put it back in the freezer it does not magically refill itself!!! Hummm imagen that!!

In my process of cleaning up my closet...I came to the conclusion I may also  be border line shoe hoarder....and that for a chick who lives in Florida, I need to travel more because I have 19 pairs of just BOOTS!! Yep - this girl loves her some shoes!!!! I think after finding ones in the other room..... I am tipping the shoe scale at 97 pairs...and I am sure I wear every pair!!!

Off to bed I go....will I sleep who the FFFFFFFFFFFF knows!!!

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