What's that smell???

Could we really be in a whole new year? Yes a new year with new adventures, new challenges and WTF new issues? Seriously? I have decided the next person to tell me "This Too Shall Pass" I may smack them...upside the head...with a iron cast skillet! Okay well not really....I don't have a iron cast skillet ~ so I will have to find something else to smack them with!

I had high hopes that 2013 would be a great start to a new year - that we would come out of the gates with a bang! Yep, I got my bang all right....I am banging my head against a brick wall most days with the little gem PC! So on Xmass eve he opened a new outfit from Grandma ~ great he was in desperate need of new clothes since he is growing like a weed! Even better he LOVED the new long sleeve brown t-shirt~ wonderful because you know it's getting cooler out ( lets not get crazy and say cold- we do live in Florida) and he has fought me tooth and nail NOT to wear long sleeves on cold days! So good glad you are loving the new brown shirt. Fast forward to Christmas morning....evening.... next day. Hummm................... PC - I get you like the new shirt but really time to take a bath and change into some clean clothes! Off to the shower he goes, ahhh YES success......ahh yes I smell the clean smell of shampoo.... kinda hard NOT to be able to smell it since he basically uses a whole freaken bottle of it ~ but hey at least he is using it! So out of the shower all fresh and clean........then I spot it......WHAT................the brown shirt.... the dirty 3 days old brown shirt is now BACK on his CLEAN body??? I can feel my eye twitch as I go in his room and ask him WHY do you have that back on???I have to wash it ~ it STINKS! You got all these new clothes for Christmas!! And what was the reply I get back....."but it's comfortable and nothing else fits...and they are all itchy"

Once I get the twitching eye under control and refrain myself from strangling him I walk away. Talk about great restraint there ~ but we know my motto "I do not look good in prison orange"! The next morning before I go to work , I run to Kohl's since they had early hours (love that) , I buy 3 more of the SAME brand, size,  brown shirt in 3 different colors (you know variety is the spice of life). I drop them back off at the house while he is in his slumber, race back out the door feeling all mother of the year award coming my way! I go to work and return home and what do I see....... WTF??Are you kidding me, it's like a bad dream!! WHY WHY WHY are you still in that dirty (pretty sure I added some colorful sentence enhancing words here) shirt????? I bought you all these shirts this morning, the same (more colorful words went here I am sure) brand, size , style as that one! And my reply from PC..." They are not the same .....and they are itchy!" OMG- are you kidding me??

 I could talk until I was as blue as a smurf, and would still not win! So I did the next best thing.....I put tape over the lock in his bathroom so when he got in the shower, I snuck in there snatched up the dirty brown 4 day old shirt and raced to the washer! Needless to say the drama was in full force as soon as he got OUT of the shower and realized it was gone! We are up to 2 as in ONE , TWO...shirts that he "deems" as comfortable and not itchy that he will wear! Not really sure what will happen when reality sinks in that tomorrow is Sunday...after Sunday comes Monday...a.k.a. the real world, back to school they go and he will need to be in his uniform...which I am sure will make Monday morning such a ***** wonderful time!!!!

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