2 Steps Forward

I am really such a smart mama! Maybe I am even a little physic (or psycho)!  Remember my vision of PC having a bon fire with his brown shirts engulfed in flames and then him yelling NOOOOO I want those brown shirts I changed my mind!!! Well this morning as he got dressed in his lovely new TEAL shirt looking all handsome and fresh and new! Then he went in his room and came back out looking all..... BROWN and UPS DELIVERY MAN LOOKING!!! WTF- we were making such progress....I held my tongue...okay well kinda.... as I said "Good thing we didn't have a bon fire like you wanted to with those shirts!!!"

Onward and upward...............next phase off getting ready for school, comes the socks.
Check okay ....not check....oh yes there we go we have them on again...gotta make them seams line up just right~ And on a good day we don't grab the scissors and cut holes in them!!!

Next up shoes....brand new fresh white sneakers! Much better than the ratty black ones that he is wearing now. He stops his bike like Fred Flintstones stops the car with his feet - silly for the bike maker to waste all that time and energy on making BRAKES for his bike when apparently dragging his sneakers across the ground does the same damn thing! So on goes the new sneakers and then ...........the brakes get put on!(See told you sneakers = brakes )

PC: "Are you sure these are the same shoes I tried on at the store?"
ME: "Yep they sure are"
PC: "Are you sure? They don't fit. I don't think you got the right pair"
ME: ..... screaming in my head..........SERIOUSLY?? You've got to be freaking kidding me!!! Why in the hell would I swap out the sneakers!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!
ME: ~ I grab his ratty black pair put them on the table and say quite calmly I might add " Here put these on ...it's amazing that your feet could have grown in 24 hours so now the new shoes don't fit" and screaming in my head "but these ratty ass shoes fit AH-FREAKING-MAZING!!!!!"

Thinking I should take dance lessons so that way I know how to do the 2 step! I feel like everyday we are doing 2 steps forward 3 steps back!!! At least this way I wouldn't look like a frog in the blender while we do this song and dance daily!!!

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