Penny Slots Here I Come

We had an afternoon of gambling today ~ and one thing is clear............I do not have my mama's luck when it comes to the slot machines or anything lotto related! She can put in a $20 dollar bill and spin it in to $1000's with a mere push of the button~ the lights start flashing and sirens go and everyone knows we have a winner there!!  Me ~ on the other hand I can put in a $20 and I might as well have flushed it down the toilet ~ because it's going.... going..... gone!!! Took the hubster with his fat wad of cash ~  yep gave him a "gangster" roll for his birthday a wad of $1's. He told me I should have put a $20 on the top of the $1's to make it look like it was more. Obviously he didn't know I was practicing flushing those down the toilet so I'd appear to be an expert at losing while we were at the casino.

Spending the afternoon at the Hard Rock  gives you a chance to see a whole new world....well if you can see through the thick fog of cigarette smoke that is! The wrinkle rumble fest of people pulling along their oxygen tanks, as they light the cigarette and claim their seat for the afternoon hoping to win the big jackpot! Well them and about 10,000 other people. I think maybe the flashing lights and the chimes and sirens send out  hypnotic suggestions like" Spend all your money. ..... Keep feeding this machine..... Come on one more $20............ Cant you feel it......... That's it hit the ATM". It's like a time warp in there, the time just slips away....well and so does you money!

We took a break from all the heavy gambling  ~ you know those penny slots work up an appetite, and went for a bite to eat. We decided on the Hard Rock cafe- they had burgers and sandwiches, so that'll work ~ I mean how much could that be! HAHAHAHAHA .....burgers for $15.00 really? Man oh man...good thing it's the hubster's birthday~ and good thing mama gave him a gift card.........and good thing it was for the Hard Rock!  So we have a table for 5, the hubster, his brother, sister in law and his buddy and me. I maybe a bit judgemental when it comes to being waited on ~ coming from a long line of waitresses and doing it for the majority of my life ~ I have certain expectations ~ like  when burgers are $15.00!

Let's just say that the "uniforms" that they have for the different restaurants and cocktail servers were clearly designed by a man.....who had never worked in a restaurant before!! Or he'd know that if the shorts are SO short that there is barely enough material to cover the butt cheeks then a "hairnet" may be required in the front! Good golly ~ all I could think was  I didn't want her as my server because I was certain the majority of the day was digging for gold to get the shorts (or lack of) out of her crack!! One extreme to the next if they aren't spilling out the bottom, are spilling out the front! Hello would you like a side nipple with those fries?? I'm all for working with what you got~ but let's leave something to the imagination! The men all had skin tight shirts on, prettier hair than any of the woman and could use a side of fries with the amount of SHAKE they had in their step

We had a little sticker shock when our $160- bill came and The service was not great - certainly not  $24 worth of an automatic gratuity that was added to our party of 6. WTF -
 ME: "Hey buddy do you always add gratuity to all tables? "
WAITER: looks at me and says "NO - parties of 6 or more"
 We look back and say "And just how many of us do you see? We are a party of 5"
WAITER: "Oh but you ordered an appetizer and the computer counts that an an extra person"

HUMMM ~ I'm guessing that the computer does that when the waiter types in under guest number  6~ so that the gratuity for his shitty service is automatically added in!!! Then I think he realized ~Oh shit ~ she didn't have anything to drink to help impair her thinking that this was a logical answer and piped in "Oh I can fix that ~ if you need me to"! Pretty sure there was an eye roll that he added with it !

I know we should have  made him change it, but I am also sure it would have taken FOREVER just like his service and food took  FOREVER! And after all we were there to win some money and have some fun! Which the hubster actually did, he's not spinning it in to $1000's of dollars like my mama is ~ but then again she's got years of practice on him! But he came home with more than he went with so that'll work!

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