Crash Course

Well PC and I had our 2nd trip to the OCD doctor today. I had high hopes that we could walk in there and my little gem would get how ridiculous this is, that there is not just one freaking shirt in this whole freaking world that is comfortable  and poof....he'd be cured and I'd be doing the happy dance all the way home, and suck down a large Margarita to celebrate! And for the record NO- I had not been drinking all day at work to come to this delusion.................. but a girl can dream right?

Instead our visit pretty much went like this:
PC-  ughh do we have to be here? Ughhh I'm so bored
ME- Yes
PC- ughhh can I change the TV this show is sooo stuuuuuuppppiddd
ME- No you cant change the channel
PC: Why not
ME: - It's not yours to change and oh yeah............. Your not the only one here
PC- But it's soooooo stuuuuuppppiddddd

(For the record it's Mickey Mouses Playhouse - I've seen worse like the crap he wants to watch!)

ME- oh well
PC- decides he is not getting the correct answer from me so he turns to the girl at the check in window - Can I change the channel?
GIRL - NO .....and she shuts the window ( okay had to laugh at that with a mental "Thata girl- wish I had a window to close some days!)

Next phase we sit ....and we wait.... 25 minutes after our appointment time it's FINALLY our turn! Yep we walk the long hall as I envision the magical cure that will be sprinkled upon us and life will be all unicorns and rainbows!  And  I still maintain my earlier statement that  I have not been drinking today! But they are remodeling the offices at work on our floor so..maybe the fumes are getting to me?

So we chat , I get kicked out so they can talk , and I get to come back in. PC and the doctor have developed  a plan.....he is to change in and out of shirts for 5,10,20,30 ect....SECONDS...really?? WTF ?Seconds.he has to keep it on for seconds .............. what is that going to do?? I nod like I am getting what he is saying when all I really get is that OCD new issue is a real pain in my ass! I know....I's not about me..... but still it really is a PITA!

So this is when it happened......
Next the Dr. says PC tells me that he takes a while to put on shoes and socks on - Do you agree mom?
ME: - YES - yes he does ,the socks have to be just perfect and now he has taken to CUTTING the BUMPS out of the socks!!

( Do you know what happens when you cut the BUMPS outta the socks??? Yep that's right now you have frigging holes in the socks! - Yeah that's gotta be comfortable!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

DR: - Well he is going to show me ....go on buddy take your shoe and sock off

OK- right there?? Did you hear it? No? Really that was the sound of screeching tires coming to a halt, that's where the magical cure flew out the door and with any luck landed on some other poor family desperately seeking it! Because we just had a major crash here! I should have called it a day and ran out the door!

PC: NO - I don't want to...............

So there it was the............. Challenge had been laid, the line had been drawn in the sand.........and then we had ourselves a old fashion gun fight, battle of the witts.

 Who would win? The Dr. who announced we would not be leaving this room, until he took the shoe off like he promised to do? Or the strong will child?? My money was on the child, I know he is ruthless and will not give in.... and there we sat, and sat and sat..... of course the Dr. did tell me not to worry that he would not charge me for an extra session ........... and we sat.......he told me that we had to break him of being in control.....and we sat............

FINALLY 45........... yes............ 45 FREAKING minutes later he FINALLY took off the FREAKING SHOE!!!

Well after the 30 seconds it took for that to happen and the 30 seconds it took to actually put the shoe back on...........we made our next appointment and I get to do it all over again NEXT TUESDAY!  OH JOY!



  1. Holy poop 45mins???!!! Lord you need to be named a saint.

    I love that PC is cutting the "bumps" out of the socks.
    Hugs to ya!

    1. That's because you are not the one buying new socks because .....GASP....... They have holes in them!!!! :)