Oh what did I do NOW!

So here I go again and opened my big fat mouth...... and inserted my foot nicely there! I really need to think before I speak, come to think of it most people do! As I sat in my office today one of the directors and I were chatting and I mentioned I'd like to do the Harvey's 5K........ it's one of my goal this year (since I wimped out last year but shhhhhh) Yeah he says we'll ALL DO IT! Oh CRAP! What have I done now! Then walks in my boss and says "We'll do what?" The 5K in April.......OH yeah 5K piece of cake! Sign us up! " Oh double CRAP! Then pipes in my other co worker with "Sure I'll do it to" Can you say TRIPLE CRAP- O-LA???? There are only 4 counting ME in my department and now we are all signing up for a 5K ....I am making the hubby attend too, and Prince Charming on his little exercise kick wants to do it to....so there you go, not only am I announcing YET again that I will run/walk/ crawl a 5k.....but now there is no backing out of it......the people in my office have committed to it(after all they are RUNNERS) .......GEEZ maybe I should just be committed!

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  1. Ha! You are so stuck! But I bet it will be fun. Enjoy!