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My girlfriend sent me a link today to a Funny Mom Blog contest. I'm flattered that she is one the 9 people I think that read it. Pretty sure I am related to the others that read it! LOL  Not that I have any delusions I would get enough votes to even get in the double digits but thought what the hell it'll at least get me writing more! I think writing makes me that a word? Or do we need to add it to the collection of Pepper-ism I have. And who doesn't love a contest?

I started looking at all the submitted blogs from mom's all over blog land! I love how we are all striving for the same stay sane by writing! For anyone just looking to see what this blog is actually about, well it's kinda like "Seinfeld" it's my show about nothing really. If you don't know who "Seinfeld " is....well then it's time to catch up on some re-runs instead of all the other reality crap that's on TV!

Okay it's not about nothing, it is about everything and anything that may be happening in my world or going on in my head! It's my way of keeping out of the big house, I don't look good in orange, and I am pretty sure I would not survive being in jail.  I don't think they'd let me do my crafts or paint the cell pink or bedazzle my jumper!So yes, I write to bitch and moan and get it all out!  Oh yeah and I'd miss the ................cats, okay......... okay........... you got me the hubster too and some days like when he's sleeping I'd even miss PC!

I do have to say this was a better week, he actually made it to school everyday and we didn't have any calls to come get him. Well nit calls ....pretty sure hubster is getting about 50 text messages during PC's lunch period! He has discovered he can "talk and text" and boy oh boy....does he have a lot of nothing to say ~ humm guess he gets that from me!

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