Heads or Tales?

Well last week we had some full fledged drama in our house hold! Missed the first 2 days back to school, because PC was having "shirt issues and melt downs" can you believe that there is NO shirt in all of St. Pete that he will deem comfortable and NOT ITCHY! The hubster went and bought him 3 more BROWN shirts so at least we are up to 4 Brown shirts that he will wear, but God help you if you put them in the dryer! We spent countless hours at countless stores trying on shirts for school! And a melt down was had by all....me , PC and the hubster. We could have had a coin toss on who was going to be committed, one or all of us still may need to be!

By Tuesday night, I had a note from the doctor to allow PC to wear his "comfy" clothes...... REALLY ? It looked like PC wrote the note himself - if I had not seen the doctor write it myself on his prescription pad, then that's what I would have thought!! So the doctor informs me that it's OCD and that's why PC has fixated on this shirt. So by Wednesday I had an appointment for a OCD specialist, and was surprised as PC actually talked to this doctor and even more surprised that he has other OCD tendency ~ and here I thought he was just an ass and that's why he did those things!

 The more he talked about his obsessions, the more I thought OMG- I totally see that in him. Then when the doctor was explaining to him we need to nip this now before "you are coming to see me in 10 or 20 years from now wearing the same brown shirt saying how you cant function in life,you cant attend any events which you would have to wear anything else, you  cant get a job all because they have stopped making this brown shirt that you like!"
 I admit I don't understand why this happens, what causes this to happen or how you fix it! But as he talked I  had a pity party all in my own head thinking....OMG- is PC going to be living at home for the rest of his life?? Still  wearing this same ***** (very colorful sentence enhancers can be inserted here) ***** Brown Shirt!!! I am surprised that the doctor could not hear the screams echoing in my head as I envisioned this! The meeting ended well, and he thinks that with several weeks ( thank god not years) worth of behavior therapy that he can reverse this. Is it possible? I'm not sure, but I sure hope so , if not I don't think the hubster and I will have to flip a coin.......we will surely commit ourselves in the loony bin if this goes on much longer!!

So I will TRY and remain positive and calm and sane...which really is such a loose term all on it's own, but still I will TRY! And I may have to chant my motto all in the process....I do not look good in prison orange"
January 14,2013

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