Iron? What's That?

Another week has passed....and yes we are in the same brown shirt, oh and we had issues with the shorts this week too! I mean really why stop at shirts?? I had 5 pairs or clean folded shorts on PC's bed and what did he do??? He took the shorts out of the washer and put them on!! And then had a melt down all the way to school because the shorts were WET!!! Of course they are WET you just took them out of the washer!! Needless to \say the ride to school was not a great one! Not that it ever is...

And here is how our conversation went that night:
ME: SO ...what is now wrong with the 5 pairs of CLEAN shorts that you have been wearing that are clean on your bed????
PC: The pockets
ME: WHAT is wrong with the pockets?
PC: They are bunched up
ME: (insert eye starting to switch) And what does that mean exactly??
PC: Go get the shorts
ME: (both eyes twitching now) And you cant go get them them WHY???
PC: Never mind!
ME: (marching down the hall snatching the CLEAN 5 pairs of shorts off the bed and returning back to the living room and tossing them at PC) HERE what is wrong with them???
PC: See the pockets! (As he points inside to the back pockets and they are wrinkled up)
ME: Really?? That's the issue! We can fix that! We can iron the pockets flat, that's all we have to do!
PC: What? No you cant! We don't own an iron!!!
ME: Of course we do! I just dont usually iron!!

So now as I start searching the house high and low looking for the iron, PC looks at me with that I told you so smirk on his face! Then the hubster comes home and inquiries as to what I am looking for.

Me: The iron
HUBSTER: Do you know what it looks like?
ME: Smart ass just find it!
ME: His pockets...we have to iron his pockets in his shorts that's what the problem was
HUBSTER: Do you know how to use it?

  ~~~ I am sure my comeback was very colorful, and I am sure I had many thoughts of HOW I  would be using it!!! SO we wont document the rest of that discussion.

All went well with the rest of the week and his shorts. And I even just got done with ironing the POCKETS of his shorts and have them already in his room. And I only have a mild eye twitch as I tell him his clothes are ready for school tomorrow!! And he replies with ....Yea- Whatever! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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