Jack the Magician

I want a  pink one, not to light not to dark ...maybe hot pink so it stands out... oh right a pink what?? A Pink Straight Jacket! Because clearly I have gone off the deep end! The boys like to strike while it's hot.. or while I am running a fever ... last time I had a fever and was sick Prince Charming nagged me into submission and we ended up with "Buddy" the guinea  pig... .. this time ... we ended up with "Jack" a 2 month old Border Collie mix .....  how could I NOT be talked into this cute little ball of fur... every time I opened my iPad there his face was screaming adopt me .. adopt me...and well that's exactly what we did. (See why I need a straight jacket???) I tried to resist and remind both the Hubster and PC  "how much work and responsibility a puppy is.. and have you read up on Border Collies???? They are high energy!!! Need lots of exercise and yada yada yada......" I held out until the shelter reopened on a Tuesday and we were first in line when they opened..... yep I was suckered!!!!

The deal is that the Prince was going to be the one who walks him, cleans up after him, does the dog training with him etc. 2 days into the wonderful world of "New Puppy Parenthood" I get home and the Hubster was sound asleep on the couch (long day with the puppy) and PC jumps up and says "Oh Thank God your home, I need a break!! I have been watching him since I got home from school ( ohhhh almost 3 whole hours... wow...)  It's your turn to watch him!" He jumps up and runs into his room..... yep I was suckered!!!!

 At least Jack is happy to see me when I get home and races to greet me with his puppy kisses! The cats ....well they are none to happy with the latest addition to the family.....especially PC's Diva cat "PeeTree" during her introductions to Jack she tried to back away and whoops.. fell in the pool!!! She did not think it was as funny as I did and I am pretty sure she is now plotting my death along with the dogs!!!

I soon discovered that Jack is in deed a super smart pup, he may even be a magician! The first several nights when it was time for bed, I would put him in his crate while he was sound asleep and in the morning I would "magically" find him sound asleep on the floor with Hubster. Hummm seems a little suspicious that he would be able to unlock his crate eh?? And be sound asleep next to the Hubster??? Yep ... he to is suckered!! One little whimper ~ the crate would swing open....like magic!!! That pup has his number for sure!!!

So now with a puppy, a guinea pig and 3 cats... ...hummm I should rephrase that 3 pissed off cats we have exceeded our lap limits ad we will definitely NOT be getting anymore PETS!! No matter how high my fever maybe!!!

It's a good thing that all Jack's brothers and sisters got adopted so fast I wanted to bring all 5 home!!! See clearly I need that straight jacket because I have lost my marbles!!!

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