2 Is Twice the Fun

Over a decade (well  Prince Charming is 12 ……going on 30 that is) I have been told “You should have 2 …it’s so much easier with 2….oh if only you had 2” “ If you had 2 they would do this……if you have 2 they would do that……..oh only if you had 2 “ Children that is! I should have had 2 children, because apparently it’s so much easier when you have 2! So I am now taking that in to consideration, after a decade of people drilling that little fact into my brain I am now thinking ….yes maybe I should have another! Maybe 2 would be easier after all would be best buds! And they would entertain each other, keep each other company and I think it should be a girl. I think my boy needs a baby sister! Oh yes, yes, yes  I am seeing PINK …PINK …PINK …

I have enough testosterone in the house with all the males that reside here ….…. let’s see we have the hubster, PC, Tweety & Rigby the cats, Buddy the Guinea Pig and of course my baby….” Jack” the dog! In the female category we have Me and Pee-Tree the cat (its a toss up on who should be wearing the crown that's for sure) …that makes it 6 males and 2 females?? Like I said way too much testosterone flowing in this household

So yes, I decided that a baby girl is what we need, I think my boy would love a baby sister to snuggle with, play with, wrestle with, sniff butts with ……..you know all those things that DOGS do with each other! WHAT?? You seriously weren’t thinking that I WOULD have another human child!!! What are you NUTS?? No No No don’t be ridiculous…my boy Jack would love to have a new baby sister …and we shall call her Jill! Then we can have Jack and Jill (who no doubt will be sporting a pink collar, pink leash, pink harass and of course a pink tutu would be needed …… all the things a little girl would need and well yes they would need to be …..PINK).

Surfing the net I stumbled across a picture.....its a perfect  baby sister for Jack, she was 2 1/2 months old American Bulldog Mix (can’t be any worse than Border Collie and  St. Friggen Bernard right)! I called the number only to get a recording to tell me to check the website for the up to date information on the adoptables … and I sent an email asking (possibly begging) to see if my Jill was still there, that I wanted to met and get her today! I even cleared it with bossman to escape and left work early …ok earlier than I normally do … I downloaded the adoption papers, her picture and info along with it, loaded PC and Jack into the car (yes I am a nut case) and we were off, heading to the Animal Shelter, in Tampa, in the middle of rush hour traffic ……… yes clearly I have a screw or two or twenty loose at this point!!!

The whole way to the shelter I can hear Mama Pepper's voice echoing in my head...."What are you nuts?? You don't need another dog?? You already have 3 cats  yada  yada yada yada " that's when my cell rang and it was Mama Pepper ....who YES did have the exact same speech that rambled along in my head ... pretty sure it was word for word ... just higher pitched!!  Also on the way there I had the "chat" with PC that she may not still be there, that she may have been adopted or not the right fit, and not to get his hopes up, that there are so many dogs out there and yada yada yada I am sure it sounded like “Blah Blah Blah we will bring home a dogblah blah blahany dog …“ to PC. We pull up, pile outta the car, Jack super excited he is …oh he doesn't care he's somewhere just  anywhere and he is happy ......… and his ears perking up as he hears all the other dogs (possibly new brothers and sisters)  howling howdy ~to him!!

We march in the front door (after all we are on a mission) papers in hand, stand in line while the workers ignore the phone, and us …… finally a nice lady walks by to see if we needed help – I told her “Why yes, we are here to see about adopting a dog” and handed her the paperwork on my soon to be Jill  ….she replied “Oh she was adopted about 30 minutes ago”

 The other helpful hag at the counter replied “Yeah , you should really get here when we open if you want to adopt a certain dog you see online….” Hummm “ well that whole job thing I go to......... gets in the way of that…and you don’t open til noon, but I did try and call and I also sent an email “
Helpful Hag:  “ We don’t answer the phone (NO SHIT LADY – I’d been calling all day) nor do we answer emails!” GEE I hadn’t noticed!!! PC’s head looked like it would explode or at least start spinning around…..so I moved on to the next question ….”Well could we see Daisy while we are here” the lady standing next to me at the counter smiled and said “Oh we just adopted her!” UGHHHHHHHH I considered taking out a kneecap...

Sooooo, before PC’s head started to spinning out of control like in the Exorcist (that movie still scares the beejez outta me) we went and took a gander at the dogs they had, and if it had been up to Prince Charming and Jack we would have had all of them piled in the car and on our way back over the bridge………sadly we came home without a new baby sister for Jack…….so maybe it’ll give me time to come to my senses so my house doesn't look like this...

 …..Somehow with the helpers at my house I seriously doubt that will happen!!!

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