Craft-tastic Times

I had a buddy ask me to post some of my projects I have worked on and finally my craft table is clean ..(hahaha) well it's cleaner ....then it was...or then it has been .......okay okay I still have a lot of shit on the craft-tastic table but I've been uber busy with projects over the last few months!! But I finally can see a semi- clean spot ~  Between hosting and /or attending baby showers, birthday celebrations and the school's silent auction baskets  I have been busy being Crafty!!! From diaper cakes, invites, and then I got on a roll making all types of bouquets.

Give me some wooden sticks and my glue gun add a few mini bottles of booze, shoot glasses,  make up, onesies, washcloths, soaps, rubber ducky ....anything I could get my hands on will work. ...and you get these fun-tab-u-lous little gifts!!!

Booze bouquet, make up bouquet and of course a combo because what girl wouldn't want a booze & makeup bouquet??  Also whipped up baby shower ones -and a few of the diaper cakes to.

I also had the uber brilliant idea that I got from making my comic book shoes  to make my nephew a dress up bin for his 3rd birthday!! I cut up comic books ( I can almost hear the Hubster and BIL suck in the air as they read that) but hey it turned out great!!

Needless to say my craft table has seen more action then ..... well........... humm the Hubster!! HAHAHAHA I know TMI - that's what lack of sleep does to you!!! Oh and why would I not be sleeping ....oh yeah that's right because just as I start to drift off ......the following events seem to occur .......

1. Jack finds a squeaky toy.....squeak... squeak squeak ....ahhh finally he stops....oh nope there it is I have to get up out of bed, unlatch the gate to my room so that Jack is not enjoying the candy bars the cats leave in the litter box... (ewww) ....remove squeak toy from the piranha teeth Jack has and show him back to bed

2. Unlatch gate again ... crawl into bed... cat # 1 jumps up to visit, cuddle oh yes and bite my nose, as cat # 2 decides now would be a great time to leave those candy bars in the litter box and scratch the litter over and over and over ...oh and cat #  3 thinks maybe now he would like to be on the other side of the he chooses to tap the gate repeatedly with his paws  (maybe I can get him a tin cup to run back and forth over the bars) when that tactic doesn't magically open the gate he meows...and meows again ...and then stands on his back legs and scratches at the door .....and now I am up again to A. either unlatch the gate for him to pass or B. toss him over the gate (it usually depends on HOW many TIMES I have been up and down)

3. Jack has now heard all the commotion in my room so he is usually back at the gate to visit...whine and up again I go to show him back to bed ....(remember he is magic and can magically get out of his crate which is why he is NOT fast asleep there)

4. Back to bed I am just about to drift off while all is quite ....when suddenly I hear Prince Charming yelling "stop it- quit that, no Jack don't do that" ......OMG up again unlatch gate ........walk into PC's room ready to strangle the dog....who I see is FAST ASLEEP on the floor while the Prince is waving his arms and swatting away the imaginary dog ....yes he is sleep talking to the dog!!!!

5. Back to bed I go and the cats all are now ready to snuggle ......the dog is finally asleep the gem has shut up all is quite .....until ....the friggen TV in the living room where the Hubster is sound asleep on the couch ............ starts blaring info-commercials ......back up and out of my friggen bed I go ...........yank the remote out from under the Hubster - who BTW is sound asleep, check on PC and Jack who are sound asleep , the cats are all sprawled about in my room sound asleep what does that leave us???

Yep it leaves me who is NOT SOUND ASLEEP!!!! And then when all is quite again and my eyes are heavy the noise starts all over again ...only this time its the BEEP BEEP BEEP of the freaken alarm clock!!!!!!!!!!

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