Just Mudding Around

Mud Crusade 2012
Usually when I ask the hubster "Does this make me look fat?" or "Does this print  make my ass look big" he instantly says "No" mind you he is usually asleep on the couch (meaning his eyes are closed) or he is on the computer and could not even tell you what frigging print I am wearing ~and if that said print is making my ass look big or not because that my friends.......... would require him to actually look up and see!!! This morning he almost gave himself whiplash as I came around the corner  to announce that I thought my boobs were getting smaller ~  seriously I think I actually heard the snap in his neck as he whipped his head up to check out the situation! Sadly for him, the girls had already been locked and loaded into the sports bar and topped off with a tank top, cant have the girls jumping out or anything while we go and play in the mud!

Blueberry Stomp 2012
Yep that's right, off to another crazy mud run! This one was on an old abandoned golf course 5k with about 20 plus obstacles, at least the mud didn't seem to be full of cow poop, like the nasty thick black mud at the last one! EWWW but I cant help but to think of all the critters that are swimming around in the ponds  that we had to get in and swim across. OMG and there were alot of friggen water obstacles at this one!!! Really it's why we don't look muddy in the bottom picture, there were alot of "rinse cycles" in this race!!!  Humm maybe I should down a round of antibiotics  just to be safe so I don't need to make an extra visit to the doc and "Say AHHHH Again" , and have her check on critters creepen around in the hoo haa!!!  

Hog Wild 2013

I know everyone that sees the pictures of the mud runs the hubster and I do think we are out of our freaken mind!! Sure they say ..."oh wow that looks fun.....  or.... just Oh wow" , the whole time with that deer in a head light look like "oh hell no , don't even ask me about doing that crazy shit with you"!!! I am sure if you had asked me a few years ago about doing this, I would have cut you off at the knees!! Now ask me and the hubster and you get a "hell yeah ~ we'll do it" !

Mud Endeavor 2013
 My main requirement now for the races we sign up for ??? BLING - yepper give me a shiny medal I can hang from my neck with my head held high because I DID IT!! I did all that shit you wouldn't do!! I got down and dirty, climbed over 10 foot walls, ran through the ponds of who knows what, climbed tree roots taller than me, ran down muddy slopes to bust my ass, jumped over the fire pits, crawled belly down under barbed wire in the freaken mud! So hell yeah I want the BLING  ~  Maybe it's because I didn't play sports as a kid and get mounds of trophies for anything.... EVER......but this......hell yeah I got this!!!

And besides.............you gotta admit the hubster and I ....we make mud look  good!

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