When you have a doctors appointment do you go in with a list of questions and concerns that you'd like to ask? Suddenly when the gyno walks in all those questions fly out of your mind as you notice her hands and where those such hands will be poking around. As she soaps up and asks how you are, what's new in your life? Snaps on the gloves and  then has you "scootch" down to the bottom of the table, legs up and say AHHHHHHH!

So why is it in this position does she continue the small talk? How is the family? How many kids? Work? Are you exercising? Eating right? I am sure she must think I am rude as I keep my answers to one word  or less meaning a mere grunt. I mean HELLO??? Shouldn't you be concentrating down there as your elbow deep in my junk?? Suddenly all those questions I had are no where to be found. She pops her head up and out from under the veil and  offer me her hand so I can slide back up, umm she was wearing gloves before right??? I quick scan the rest of her hand OMG is her watch and ring still on?? Oh yeah there it is! And um those gloves would be where???

The Doc: "Alrighty than, everything looks good, since you don't have any questions I'll see ya next year! And out the door she goes...GEEZZZZ...... I didnt even get breakfast or a lousy cup of coffee!

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