I Need your ID

Whew - it's been a long weekend...and by long...... I mean L-O-N-G!!! With Friday being a National Holiday ...aka Prince Charming's birthday, we have been on the go, go , go all weekend long with Busch Gardens on Friday, Go Kart Racing on Saturday, slumber party and a cookout on Sunday so the family could see the little Prince! Monday I will need to go back to work to rest!!

 Friday we were going over to Busch Gardens, hubster and I got dressed and ready and we waited...and waited ...and waited for the birthday boy to emerge from his room and be ready to go.... he emerged all right in his long sleeve brown ***** shirt and his green hoodie.....did I mention it was 90 degrees out and we were going to Busch Gardens? Usually at amusement parks, people are half naked, even when they should NOT be! My eye started to twitch and I had to head to my bedroom to grab a few orange rubber bands to complete my outfit.......you know so that I could snap the shit outta my wrist instead of start an argument with PC about how he would have a freaken heat stroke since it is HOT out and he is on long sleeves and a sweatshirt!!!!

 I thought maybe once we arrived he would come to his senses and at least take the hoodie off and leave it in the car, I was wrong! I did look at him and say "I better not hear even one time that you are HOT!" Hubster and I were surprised to see that PC was not the only jackass wearing long sleeves and a  hoodie ~ some of them even had jeans on ~ at least PC had on shorts....well because he doesn't even own a pair of pants!

 After we had had our fill of fun at Busch Gardens, and everyone (including us I am sure) was starting to stink, we headed back to the car to go have a late lunch, that would not require taking out a small loan.  As we sat down and relaxed in the nice cool a/c I ordered a "Watermelon Margarita" ahhh doesn"t that sound yummy and refreshing??
WAITER: "I need to see your ID"

ME: " Ha ha ha your funny ! "
 WAITER: " Sorry, I'm for real.....I really need to see your ID"
ME: " What? Really? But I don't even have it with me! You can't be serious!!!"

Hubster ...oh thank God for the hubster and his man purse (which I will not be able to make fun of it anymore ~ well until next time we head to the theme parks)  which had my ID in it!!! Because really being carded would not have been so flattering if I had to walk my hot, tired ass to the car to get my ID to show this smart ass waiter that I am clearly over 21 (after all I am 29ish) so that I could get  my freaken "Watermelon Margarita"!!

ME: "Ha ha here you go, and thank you it's been a long time since I have been carded ~ you made my day....now could you  GO GET MY DRINK"
HUBSTER: I'll have one of those to..."
WAITER: " Okay ..."
ME:  Wait...why don't you card him?"
WAITER "Um he looks old enough"
ME: " Bawhahahahahaha now you really made my day~ but please go get my drink"

Lucky for me...the hubster thought it was a tad sweet  ~ I thought it was awesome, so after I sucked mine down...I sucked his down to! Ahhh yes - a toast to me - for eviction day from my body...aka Prince Charmings Birthday! And to top it off...I got carded today!!! Ahhh yes, it's the little things in life that get me gitty or it could be that I was sucking down margirita's at 3pm in the afternoon on a Friday!!


  1. And who is driving with my Prince Charming in the car. Mama

  2. The hubster is driving the little Prince ~ didn't you see that I drank his down to???