They had me until UMMMMMMMMMM

So we went to yoga last night to the slow flow class ..........great class, really nice people, love the instructor, and the hubster really liked it. After all it was his idea to go~ so it’s a good thing he liked it

My thought about yoga….

1. It reminds me of a cult

2. Not everyone is meant to wear yoga pants.... especially with writing on the back of them ~ really at age 5 you shouldn’t have anything written across your ass
3. You should wear longer shirts to go OVER the yoga pants so not to show off your t-backs and tramp stamp tattoo ~ .not judging since I have both, but saw more than my fair share last night since we were in the back of the class and you cant help but to notice in a downward dog pose

4. Before leaving home make sure the bottom of your feet are clean…. And you don’t have funk between the toes ~
5. Some poses make you look like a beached whale (or could have been the yoga pants) either way…refer to tip number 3 since you will most definitely have people starting at the bottoms of your feet

6. Some poses are a serious WTF kinda pose –that makes your body make some WTF noises from unknown areas....... really who names these things?? And the hubster thinks “chair pose” should require a CHAIR

7. I am much to ADD for them to turn off the lights and tell you to relax…. And do some deep breathing ~ right pretty sure that the deep breathing was snoring …

It was a great workout, but I can do without the lights out and nap time! Although that was clearly the hubster’s most favorite part! As for me after about 3 minutes I was sitting up for what seemed like an eternity waiting for them to all wake up! One lady even had a blanket on, was she planning on sleeping there? Some had on eye masks…okay people your in a dark room at 9pm… do you really need your eye mask? I was chomping at the bit to get up and out! No need to linger I can rest at home on my own floor!!!

And then there is the big ending of “UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” …..that was so loud, I actually jumped a little! Who knows maybe I will learn to relax, and find all that inner peace, spiritual stuff that they babble while your doing all those ridiculous poses…..but for now I will just try and contain my giggles.

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