My Supreme Skills

My painting privileges  have been re-instated, clearly the hubster has long forgotten why he revoked them! Once upon a time....... when he was pre-hubster ..... he painted my entire house inside, all the rooms and all the trim in one long day....while I....painted the fireplace....with a toothbrush and yes the same long day!  In my defense it was brick and I was making certain bricks match the trim! And what a fine job I did....even if it took the whole friggen day!

Then while he was still playing the pre-hubster role, we moved in together (of course there was no pre-material activities happening during that time ~ so not to worry any relatives reading this) we worked different shifts, and I had a part time job at a paint store in the décor department which also equals paycheck but lots of paint and borders and wallpaper!! I painted floor to celling iris flowers in the spare room, sponged the wall a lovely pink (shocker) and green color with a huge border in the craft room, wallpapered the bathroom...... yes I was a busy gal and I was also planning the happiest day of hubsters life....our wedding!!!

That would be a few reasons my painting privileges were revoked, I could go on but I will spare you! So for the past 15 years I have been band ...until either he figures my 15 year hiatus of being aloud to actually touch the house with a paintbrush has made me a better painter....maybe he figures that I have soaked up all his skills by simply observing them..... or he has lost his mind. I am thinking he has lost his mind or he's desperate to get the house finished that he has enlisted my supreme  skills.......

Yep hubster had to go out of town as we are in the mist of getting the house prepped for painting and  I was left  in charge with painting supplies and my little Prince Charming to help me finish getting the house primed. Clearly this was not a well thought out plan for several reasons.....

Let's start with I am a whopping 5'2 1/2 and I could not find the handle to the paint roller , so therefore I could only paint where I could reach.... so maybe 5'3 is about as tall as I was going to get! The neighbor was so sweet he called the wife since she was at Home Depot to grab me the extension handle for the paint brush....I would like to think he was being helpful ~ but I am pretty sure he just wants us to get this house painted already! What started as a week long project has taken over 3 weeks now....and now I am the one painting??? Bahahahahaha okay so it's just the primer ...but painting???

Then there is the little problem that I obviously paint like I vacuum ~ oh I see a spot here and there and oh ...over there too!!!

And WTF is up with my sneakers.... hello?? 5 mud runs and 4  5K runs plus everyday use.... and they look brand new after I wash them... one day of painting and it's time to buy new sneakers!! Oh WAIT.... I'm complaining about that why? Yea scratch that one.... New Sneakers... yepper that's a great idea! I need to add running shorts and a bathing suit to my shopping list because I now officially have "painting clothes".

Oh and are you wondering WHERE OH  WHERE is my helper PC?? Well I will have you know that he does not feel the need to help....WHY you ask?? Well isn't it obvious?? Because we did not consult him on our plans to paint the house, and he did not see anything wrong with the color of the house, and therefore he thinks it is just fine the way it is!! ARE YOU FRIGGEN KIDDING ME???

 So because these days I am all about picking my battles and staying out of jail..... I gave him "inside chores" that he would have to do like clean the toilets, gather all the trash, vacuum, mop the floors, empty the dishwasher, bring the laundry out to the garage and separate it, feed the animals....

I made a LONG list thinking that he'd say "forget it - I'll help". Nope he did most of the things I asked but did them half assed .... like cleaning the toilets......yep he put the cleaner in....and well that's where that job ended because really?? I wanted him to use the toilet brush and give it a swish and than flush??? I must be joking....Laundry made it to the garage and was dumped on the floor in a huge pile...because clearly that was separating it...and what?? Bring the empty hamper ALL the WAY back to my room and place it in the corner?? I must be joking so he left it in the hall the bedroom door....because I would have to walk by it and there fore that makes me CLOSER to it than he therefore I should put it away!!!! Oh and he wanted me to help gather the trash because really that is a two person's job??? Hummm and what exactly do you think painting the freaking house is?? Surely it's not a just MOM kind of job!!! Needless to say ... he figured out how to manage without my help with the trash!!!

Okay not much I can say about vacuuming because he takes after me on that one!!! Well and he did bring me nice cold drinks while I was in the hot sun slaving away and he was inside in the nice cool house!!!


  1. Get started writing that book ! You have such a talent and you need to show it off !

  2. you have to say that Meme your bias :) love you