Your Grounded .... FOREVER

Just when I think I am going to get the MOTY Award (Mother of the Year) after PC
found a dead squirrel down ...the street, so as anyone who knows this boy ...they know that means the world has ended...... (Pretty sure he'd rather see a dead person in the road then an animal) ... He wanted to go down and bury "WE" grabbed a mini shovel and a towel , and "WE"  drove down the block and buried the dead (thankfully not squished) squirrel by the creek. And when I say "WE" I mean "ME" because he was way to emotional...and we even said a little squirrel prayer....I thought maybe just maybe .........that would get me some kind of  Wonder Mom  cape,  wand, or maybe a  tiara...... Nope none of the above!!!
Fast forward a few days and we are all going in our matchy, matchy outfits for our 1st ,yes,  1st real family photo shoot out at the beach, Hubster bought me a session for X-mass and PC agreed that he would actually partake in this family photo event ....Hummm I guess that we should have done it the day he bought the session and not 4 months later when the groupon was set to expire.......So there we are all in our matchy, matchy outfits, looking like a perfectly normal, sane family and in a blink of an eye .......... ....there we were looking like the  perfectly dysfunctional ~ insane family that we are!! PC transformed from a 13 year old to a 3 year old in a blink of an eye .... and resembled  Cousin It and would not look up and get the friggen hair out of his face. ...Needless to say ... we have no shoots with all 3 of us, it ended up just me and the Hubster gazing in to each others eyes as we smiled and whispered sweet nothings to each other such as ... "I'm gonna freaken kill him " and "Yeah me too" ... now smile big for the photographer ... we stopped the photo shoot after a few pictures.
OMG Seriously?? Cant we do one family photo we could at least pretend to be a normal family right?? At least in pictures!!! I should of just taken the dogs at least they would smile for the camera and be happy to be there with their family ... dysfunctional as we maybe!!
Sadly this little incident happened the day before his 13th birthday and he ended up being very grounded for being such as ass!!! And being the mean mom I am .....I made him do his make up work ....yep on his birthday ... at one point PC looked at me and said "This is not a very fun birthday" and I blurted out "And do you know WHY???" yep he did know, do maybe he is learning ....
At least I will always remember when he turned 13 ...all I will have to do is look at my family photo portrait .........who is missing part of the family ....WTF???
So the adventure didn't stop there nope...sure did not ..... the next incident happened at school...
I can only image how the conversation started at school with another boy ... "Hey I have Fart Spray at Home" (thanks Uncle Bill) to "Hey I brought my Fart Spray to school" to "Lets spray it down the hallway at school" and just so you can have a total visual here ... there is only ONE hallway at school!!! They almost had to call the fire department and evacuate the school the smell was that bad!!I guess I should be happy that he never sprayed it at home, although I didn't realize he had it to begin with!!!  So all this lead to an investigation at school to see WHO the offender was .....and all fingers pointed to PC ......they say he brought it, he sprayed it and I am sure you can guess his answer was "NO I didn't"!! The principle  called the hubster to let him know that PC was almost EXPELLED over this and ............oh BTW he also ordered lunch that day to be delivered at school and then was mad at the principle when he told him NO he was not allowed to do that ...and NO he could not sit outside and wait for the food to be delivered!!!  
OMG Who is this child?? Is this what our teen years will be like?? We are only 3 weeks into the teens ...  I am waiting for him to pull a Linda Blair, exorcist move and his head will start to spin!!! I guess he enjoys being grounded?? It's just loads of fun...........
 I totally see why people take up drinking ....heavily .... ..... I think it may be mine (and the hubsters) new hobby!!!!

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