Facebook Friend ...Not Yet

Oh boy, looks like I have a friend request ...here let me click and see who wants to be friends......
Oh it's ........Oh Hell No.............WTH?? It's PC!!! What?? How on earth am I getting a friend request from PC my darling son ....who after the "teacher conference" was suppose to be grounded from the computer!!! How am I getting a friend request when he doesn't even have a Facebook account because he is not 13 yet (apparently he was born in 1999 according to his account)  ?? And how am I getting a Facebook friend request from the grounded child, on the Facebook account he isn't allowed or old enough to have...... and how is it that he is sending it at 10am ...which happens to be while he was at school ...taking exams!!!OH And lookie who has already accepted his friend request .... that's right you guessed it the HUBSTER and both grandma's oh the aunts and uncles ...all but his mom!!!

I know, I know....most people would be thrilled to get a Facebook request from their darling child, right? Some days I think I may have to "un-friend" Mama Pepper .....when I get a "PEPPER" when she doesn't like what I have posted!! Hello I am 29 (and holding) I'm not 12  .. (I so see a PEPPER in my VERY Near future!!!)  and I will certainly need to unfriend her if she ever learns to add photos!!! So my first thought well besides the HOW did this happen, was WTH?? No, no , no what is he crazy?? There is NO way that he and I can share social media platforms...it's not possible .......I use Facebook and this blog to rant and rave about how bat-shit crazy this boy makes me........ I certainly don't want him reading about it!!I don't want him to realize I have a entire blog to rant and rave about him and the Hubster ......No way that would spoil my big plans later in life ...... I have big plans for this journal (aka blog that I will someday be famous for I am sure) yep  I am keeping, track of his life, I only wish I had started sooner!! I guess I will need to start doing some "Back In The Day" post ......

My Easter Card from PC -

I have dreams of him meeting a nice girl, moving out of the house before he is 30,  getting married, and me giving her a kiss on the cheek and handing her a published manual of my blog posts ...maybe titled ..."He Wonders WHY He's An Only Child...Let Me Count The Ways" and telling her good luck...and then I will be running out the door yelling "He's your Pain In The Ass now Sweetie"  and on my way to Mexico! Or another idea would be to wait until PC has a child of his own , lean over give him a kiss and a publish manual titled "Karma's a Bitch -You Should Have Listened To Your Mama" and yelling good luck buddy I hope he's just like you and running off to Mexico ...because I certainly don't want to have to babysit the mini me child!!!

Am I being selfish by not accepting his request? Does he really care that I haven't accepted it? I doubt it, he probably doesn't even realize I have yet to accept it.  Should I accept and post really embarrassing photos of him as a child?? SO Tempting but  um ...probably not since Mama Pepper seems to spill the beans on me as a child to PC ...so she would be digging up photos galore and HE would teach her to post them ...and it wouldn't just be of me with the big... bad hair, my girlfriends I am sure would also be featured in her "Throw Back Thursday" photos if she knew how to post them!!
Mama Pepper " Oh he was so upset about what the teacher said at school  ...so I told him that one time you said the teacher was being mean to you  ...so I went in to yell at the teacher and he said you always called him baldy "  ......MOTHER  .....good  gravy Mama Pepper ....don't tell him that stuff ..... PC's now is a vegetarian (as of last week)  .... Mama Pepper pipes in " Well you stopped eating just about everything at his age...I even had to pack a cooler of foods you would eat when you went away" GOOD Gravy ..... stop giving him ammo would ya???

 I think there is to much drama for him to be on FB .......and I certainly don't want to have to Stop...Think...Post before I fire off anything inappropriate..... or rant about PC ... I know I SHOULD do that regardless... I just don't wanna!!! So I will click ignore ...until I am ready to share this slice of the pie!

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