Superior what???

I haven't exactly figured out how it works yet .....that testing they did at school over the summer, I  got a 12 page report of all psycho babble that I didn't really understand so before PC's appointment with the doctor I sent it to him to review... figured he'd be able to explain it!! I looked it over and thought - wow the scores look good to me! Well  I got that part right and than some!! Apparently this was an IQ test, and my little gem - Prince Charming himself has scored with "Superior Intelligence" (not sure what that really means other than he is smarter than I am - which I had already come to that conclusion)  and we should expect nothing less than an A with an occasional B on his report card... which BTW the doc was also looking at and it had 2 A's 3 B's and 2 (gasp) D's. I (sadly) expected the D in PE - I mean seriously?? Your failing P.E??? The other D which I did not expect was in Language Arts..... he has the same teacher for Reading which he had an A in but didn't "feel like doing the work in LA" REALLY ?? Well now he has that grade back up to not just an A but A plus!! It goes to show you that when he has his mind set he can do anything and when he has no desire to do it ... he doesn't !!!

I had a conference this week and they all gave a great report, that he is super bright and WHEN he produces work he does GREAT work.... but that he is lazy... oh and his Research Teacher said he is doing Awesome in Research class has great ideas and helps others on the computer.....  and this is also his PE teacher and the report for that class...... was total opposite...  he does not participate at all in PE unless they are doing something in the classroom and are not outside!!!Humm guess  that is why the little genius is failing the easiest class there is!!!

SO what I have yet to figure out is ......if he is so super smart (which clearly skipped a gene because he didn't from me... most days I have no clue what he is babbling about!!!) Why do I need to tell him 152 times everyday to ........pick up his dirty clothes off the floor and put them ALL the way in the hamper ... not on the rim where they are hanging half in and out of the hamper... I mean I have made it so easy ... there isn't even a lid so no extra lifting is required!!! Just toss the freaken clothes all the way in the hamper and not next to it!! Or how about scraping the dishes and putting them into the soapy dish water instead of  leaving them on the kitchen counter or on the coffee table while you wander off to do something else!!! Shower quickly, brush your teeth , get dressed , throw away the 34 empty water bottles that you have all over your room .....yada yada yada .... maybe his brain is so consumed with his smartness there isn't enough room for the common sense stuff???

I told the doctor our latest issue now-a-days is his mouth... ...back talking. PC's reply to my comment was " NO - I dont back talk" (ughhh really?? ) " I simply question their logic in what they say and do and they don't like it" ..... Yepper nailed that baby right on the head!! What happened to the good ol days where you could just say "Because I told you so- that's why!" 

Now to add to my daily nagging list is about the dog... "Jack" ....who I am considering renaming "No No Ninis" as he races around the back yard digging and jumping and grabbing my plants!!! The deal was the Prince would be walking, feeding, entertaining our new little baby....however he seems to need a break as soon as I walk in the house from work and on weekends he is much to busy sitting on is ass playing video games .....oh and yes I get the middle of the night duties, as well as early morning and that quick walk before school which he was also suppose to be in charge of!!! I promise I will get up early, I will take a quick shower , I will walk him everyday all the time!!!! The neighbor thought I looked cute all dressed up in a dress and tights and wearing my pink sneakers while I ran around the block with Jack.... and then this morning had quite the chuckle as I strolled by in my zebra jammie bottoms and dress shirt... and of course to add to the outfit my pink sneakers! Well at least I am fashionable eh??

The more I think of it .... PC is using his "Superior Intelligence" he's getting me to do all his chores....picking up dirty clothes, throwing away his trash, clearing and cleaning his dishes and lets not forget his extra chores that have been assigned due to "No No Ninis"!!! Clearly this boy is a genius!

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