Crazy Mama on the Loose

So this morning my little gem Prince Charming himself.... had a horrible attitude,  shocking I know -  ( not like that’s anything new he is NOT a morning…afternoon …or night person) but I am on a time schedule ya know…gotta be out the door in the car and driving away at  8:30am to get him to camp and then to that whole big girl job thing I go to by 8:58am so that I can dash up 6 flights of stairs (ok you caught me I ride the elevator - but hey it is to the 6th floor and I still need to find a parking spot and yada yada yada)!!! This morning much like every morning he was in his slow…wait …halt…speed and was royally pissed off by the time we made it to the car at 8:37am… ....that I was hurrying him along (because he has no concept of time) ……he didn’t eat breakfast ~ not even sure if he brushed his teeth and told me he wasn’t eating lunch so he wasn’t bringing his lunchbox…which by the way I already packed and I had a portable breakfast in my hand which he wasn't going to eat either. Really?? You actually think you are punishing me by NOT eating??? Bahahaha,  no- no my boy you are the one who will be hungry not me!

We arrive at camp and he goes to jump out and won’t take his lunch box because “ I am not eating it” he shouts

Me: “I don’t care- but you will take it in there”  (after all I am not going to look like the crazy mom that doesn’t send food with her child!! I mean really  I have so many others things that I could be the crazy mama for keep reading examples will be shared)

PC: “NO- I will throw it away”

Me: “ I don’t care what you do with it – but you will take it in there or I will! And I will make sure to  embarrass the $hit out of you when I do” (I know ...I shouldn't act like I am also a 12 year old...but this kid ...I tell you ...I'm not sure HOW he made it to be 12 nor am I sure how he will make it to 13)

PC: “ No – I don’t want it”  he has his hand on the door getting ready to slam it ......

Humm okay so this is where I will NOT be getting the mother of the year award (and I am hoping no security camera are attached at the front entrance of camp because I have NO DOUBT I would appear on you tube tonight as "Crazy Mama" ) Because  I fling the lunch box OUT the car door at him,  it hits him and lands next to him ( obviously he didn’t catch it…that would have required some effort on his part or maybe for him to be awake and aware of what just happened)  

PC: “Fine ......I will just leave it there since you threw it”

So me ....being the reasonable, calm, sane  level headed mother (yes, the same one who threw the lunchbox at her child),  I slammed the car into park and flung open my door and go to jump out of the car because I am ready to be the star in the "Crazy Mama's at Camp" you tube video. ~ after all it is technology camp, they are learning about making videos, so it makes sense right? And I had a fabulous new pair of purple heels on ~ so film away young lads....

This must be where PC comes to the conclusion that his mother may indeed be crazy after all and he  snatches the lunch box up and storms into the camp!

Award winning moments brought to you by … darling child......

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