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November has been nothing short of a whirlwind of emotions! Parties for the bossman who is now officially retired, which I still thinks sucks, but I guess after you put in 33 years..... you deserve to relax. Still sucks! And after all that celebrating ......somehow my 29+10+1 birthday sneaked up on me!!! Math is so over next year I am back to being just 29....forget all those extra numbers!!! I guess it wasnt so bad ......I had a pink, pig, pricess party at work ....and then a pink, princess party at home! It was a pink wonderland ~ so maybe ....just maybe... I will do it again next year!!! Ha - still only going to be 29 thou!!!

The Prince .....well what can I say.....he is the same, still hasn't written his novel  ............nor anything else! Hell - I could fill up 3 friggen novels just from the past several weeks!!! PC ended up with lice -  ( i know , I know...start scratching your head now - makes me itchy just thinking about it) which as you can image with his many "issues" tripled the normal effect of "OMG- lice" to about 100 times worse then you can ever even begin to image........ this happened a week before Thanksgiving Break - then  his pop pop came over with some trusty scissors and did some fancy Edward Scissorhands on him .........and well he HATES his haircut and  is never going back to school (or anywhere else)  ...until it grows back!! Really he hates it because you can actually see he has a face underneath all that hair!!! Oh joy...... now I get to see the perpetual scowl on his face clear now ~ before I was just guessing what he looked like!!

Thanksgiving was a disaster - 10 minutes before we were to leave to go to dinner ...PC had a complete meltdown ...and wouldn't go .....WTF??? Needless to say ..............none of us went - I dropped off what I was assigned to bring to dinner - no sense ruining everyone holiday ...and then I came home and had a bag of Apple Chips............nothing says "Happy Thanksgiving" than a bag of yummy Apple Chips right? Oh well....its got to be better for my waist line (which is rapidly growing) then a turkey dinner with all the trimmings right?

So here we are ... school starts back up again tomorrow ...and with the mere mention of those horrible words ............. "School Tomorrow" and we have had another meltdown!!! FTLOG ~ when will this ever end??!!! The hubster called me to pick up the Prince who was supposed to be helping renovate a house they are working on  .............but hubster  muttered those magic words ......"School" and  it caused a major malfunction ..... So off  I went to pick him up and lets just say ............I wont be winning any "Mother of the Year" awards today......... ( not like I am up for nomination or anything). We have tried to explain that if he doesn't go to school...then either "WE" will end up in jail for NOT sending him ...or he will end up there for NOT going! It doesn't seem to phase him that "we" could go to jail"(I'm sure he thinks that would be great - he could get on the computer anytime he wants and have pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner)  so as I was in the car driving ..with the Prince in the back seat not speaking to me .......I started thinking ...well would it phase him to think HE would be going to jail instead?? The things that make you hummm...

It wasn't until we were all the way downtown almost to the Police Station (yes , I seriously drove there) that the Prince spoke ..."Where are we going?" I choose to take a play out of his own playbook and not answer and he asked again only louder ... finally as we rounded the corner and there it was The Police Station - I looked up and in the mirror (and very calmly I might add) I  said "Well I am skipping this step for tomorrow......I am bringing you to the police they don't have to come to the house and arrest you for refusing to go to school tomorrow morning" (I mean really .....after all...... what would the neighbors say if the cops showed up?) 

Did it affect him? I won't really know until tomorrow morning comes .when its time to poke the bear and get him up and ready ......... but he looked up at the looming station and said "No, please, just take me home, I am going to school tomorrow, I am, Please just go home"! I know ... I know... just breathe.... this too shall pass........ he will out grow it.....and blah, blah, blah .....

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