19,994 more words to go ......

Don't they say we write our own chapter in life? Ha - I beg to differ I would be writing about unicorns, glitter and puppies dog tails ..... And not this horror story of the teenage years (in my case ...its been much longer then teen years)!!!! I'd like to say it's the age, that these teenagers suck the life right outta ya.....but I think it might just be my bundle of joy!!

Clearly I didn't get this parenting job right - maybe they should have asked for references before they handed me that blue bundle of joy  - before they said " here take him home - he's yours to keep and to screw up" and I am pretty a sure he is to old to drop off at the fire station ~ and he knows his way home!!

I had my first teacher conference the other day ...... nothing like sitting in a room of teachers, who are looking at you for  answers on how to make your child respond, listen to them...and get his work done..... Um hello..... That's why I am here!!! I am the one seeking advice - so nope .....I got nada for you!!!! After surviving the 1st week of school ,the battle became daily over homework, which the Prince rarely does any, when he decides to do it, he does it half ass - and forgets to turn it in, or the hubs sits and gets it done ( he is way more patient then I am for that)!!! OMG how I hate homework!!! And I have openly admitted to the teachers, I have no idea how to do some of it ( like the math) without sitting down and learning Algebra all over again......Seriously.....When have I ever used it????NEVER that's when!!! Obviously I am not smarter then an 8th grader!!!

 I voiced my concern that he "we"  would have to repeat 8th grade again because he isn't doing his work or making the grades...and I quote from the principal ......" Oh there's no danger there, his assessment scores are way to high, even if he never did another ounce of work the rest of the year, he would be promoted". WTH??? I blurted out " Well don't tell him that"!!!! So here I am contemplating that statement .....should I just stop fretting all together over homework and let him figure this out all on his own??? Stop letting homework issues become ground zero at our house??? It would certainly make evenings more pleasant at our house, if we were not in a constant battle over it!
Ughhhh what a tangle web we weave as parents!!! Why isn't there a handbook for these difficult creatures!! I know .... I know.... There are a. million books out there .... But I need one that is specific to my Prince Charming....and let me tell you...there isn't one!!!! And obviously I would be writing the "What NOT To Do " version of it!

Oh and talk about writing ....apparently PC is suppose to be writing a novel, yep writing a novel, for this class project .... They have been "supposed" to be working on it all week at school ...(he has been THINKING ....and NOT writing)  want to know how many words he needs to have by tomorrow (according to him) 20,000 .............how many does he have .....6 ....(and they aren't really the words for his novel but names and location) ...... hummm if my math is correct on this one he needs 19,994 more words!!! OMG ~ guess what he's doing ....."He's THINKING" .....THINKING of what to write!!! WTH??? Stop thinking and start writing!!! (Insert screaming mother here) ...............

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