Ready To Party????

OMG- where did June go?? Did I blink and we are now in July already?? WTH?? Next time I blink it'll be December!!! Ughh Well lets fast forward and just say that I was the one (and not the hubster)  who caved and allowed technology back into the house (and Hubster did set a timer for it to shut off - bad part of that ... is those nights with insomnia ... and I have no internet!!! And like now I am currently racing a midnight cut off!!! Ahhhhhh ). But it really is like having my very own minion, allowing computer time.

PC:  "Please mom, can I please earn some computer time??"
ME: "Well the floors need to be vacuumed"
PC: "Ok now can I?"
ME: "Looks like the laundry needs to be taken to the laundry room, oh and the garbage's need to be empty ...all of them, oh and don't forget the dishwasher. Make sure to empty and reload it!!! " 
PC: (surely gritting his teeth as he says ok) "OK mom ....all my chores are done, can I PLEASE go on the computer now"

ME: "Sure you have 45 minutes."
PC: "WHAT - after all that?? No I need more time"
ME: " Now you have 30 minutes"
PC: " What? Wait - No - Wait I will take the 45 minutes"

Kudos that he and hubster have been going to the gym at least 4 nights a week ( way more then my lazy muffin top self has been doing) and he is swimming with Jack our water boy daily and well "was" going to Mama Peppers and helping, but somehow he weaseled his way out of doing that!! But he leaves on Sunday to go to the mountains with Mama Pepper....and Witness Protection should be here Monday morning to relocate the Hubster and I!!!

Lets see.... Recap of June...........

1. Jill - the trouble maker has developed a love for my plants ...and YES don't worry folks  they are "Dog Friendly" as they jump right outta the pot and display themselves all over the deck....but look at that face on her!!! I think she is totally mocking me!!!

2.I cut all my hair off (ummm still not sure I like it)  ...and my minion also got 6 inches cut of his...for computer time.....(insert evil laugh here )

3. Went to Drag Queen BINGO- with the "Dirty Bitches" (catch phrase from DQB) from work  - and that was a riot!!! We will have to do that again...even if its just to call the others "Dirty Bitches" and to toss our none winning BINGO card at the winner as they circle around the bar!

4. Jack and Jill went up the hill ....well really around the bed like pro race car drivers, and Mom (aka Me)  fell down tumbling after them... landing on my knee ...OUCH -long story short ....3 weeks of hobbling, saw the young, hot ortho doctor yesterday and today was the 1st day I woke up without pain!! Love those cortizone shots!!!

5. After attending a very entertaining and fun-tab-u-lous  "Pure Romance Party" I have taken the plunge and signed up to be a consultant (click here to see my website they give you) !! So what does that mean to you?? Well .... for all you local buddies that may read this dribble I write - it means that YOU will be invited to a Launch Party (so I can practice - making you OHHHH and AHHHHH and say WTF does that do??) ....and that YOU will have so much fun laughing, giggling and just about ready to pee your pants fun ....... that YOU will beg for me to come and do a party at your house - with all your girlfriends!!!And that YOU will earn FREE STUFF .... for having a good ol' time at your house, with your friends! All you need to do is invite a few friends, have some finger foods, and some cocktails ...and let the fun begin!!!

All those non-local peeps that may come across this ................. hey some day I will  travel ... ...eventually ~ we can always do a catalog party, Facebook party... ...if you see something that may ...well Tickle Your Fancy! Pun, very much intended! HAHAHHAAHA

Guess what else?? NO MEN or CHILDREN are allowed!!! REALLY??? Yep that's right!!! They are NOT ALLOWED..... (yep those are the rules) .... How Fab-Tab-U-LOUS is that?? ( oh ....whoops....sorry.. ..Hubster... you can play later)! So after I figure out what all this fun-tab-u-lous "stuff actually is and does"  (OMG - seriously?? WTH is some of this stuff) ...Anyways it'll be game on!! And don't worry's not just "Those kind of toys (although really what more could you need) ...but they have bath and beauty products, lotions, lubes and!!!"

And NOPE  you wont see any of these items at the next Yard Sale at Mama Peppers (more rules on that) ....although they would go nicely with the "Astro Glide, mini massager,  pregnancy test and diapers that we had).So all you men that aren't allowed share this with your ladies.. so they can get busy booking parties!!!

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