Why Change Things...

I am not one that embraces change, I mean really if its going well why change it? If it ain't broke.....don't fix it?? I suppose it is good that things change or I would still be reaching for the RAVE hairspray and blow dryer in the morning and have really big Texan hair ( and in case you didn't know........I love big hair). With any luck maybe someday it will be back "in-style" ......much like everything making a comeback these days .........kinda like "tube tops" which really ......should have stayed hidden!!  

So why am I suddenly doing things that require changing my ways? I'm not sure, maybe I'm trying to go with the flow, accept the things I can not change (now I sound like an AA meeting) and I am learning to embrace change. Or maybe it’s the fact that I will be 29 (+ 10+ 1) this year…….(hopefully none of you are good at math and just gloss over the extra equation added in) and I figure if not now ...then when? I have been doing things this year that push me outside of my comfort zone ALOT. One of my personal  goals I set for myself this year was to work on public speaking. I didn’t write it down, I just had that little fact tumbling around in my head! Anyone that knows me….can tell you I am not at all shy – but the thought of standing up and presenting and speaking with all eyes on me….. AHHHHHH yeah that scares me!!! Even if I am picturing people naked …. Yep- still nervous and now a little freaked out because really …not everyone is meant to be pictured naked!!!!

Changes ahead are rapidly approaching as my work life will be topsy turvy, with bossman retiring soon.....according  to his countdown app he has 84 days left! I love that I have a bossman that lets me be me, he lets me show my "delightful (hahahahaha) and colorful" personality ...and by colorful I mean my whole friggen work area is PINK, HIGH HEELS and PIGS!! He doesn't make me tone it down.......he actually adds to it! One year he even bought me a Christmas Pig Yard Ornament .....pretty sure he thought it would be in my own front yard ....nope - I had other plans. I busted that sucker open, named him Preston Pig and he became the office mascot, who BTW is very well know at work! After Christmas came and went bossman looked at me and said ....."Preston can't stay it still looks like Christmas" .....hummmmm so what I heard was "Preston COULD stay if he didn't look like Christmas" ...that was 2 Christmases ago, Preston Pig now has his own wardrobe cabinet and even his own "Hog-a-day" Card! It will be a sad day when bossman retires ~ and I hate it! But I am trying to embrace change, change is good right? Isn't that what they say? Seriously? I still think it sucks ass - but I guess after 35 years he deserves it.

On a whim, I entered an essay contest about becoming an Avery Brand (Office Products) Ambassador (spokes person), which in turn they would send me FREE (who doesn't love free)  office products to sample, and presentation material that I would need to present to different groups, have a website and do social media post, etc. The contest runs until the end of June 2015 and the winner gets I believe $5000 cash - heck yeah!!! Sounded like a great idea when I signed up.....and I viewed it as another way to work on my public speaking skills...(not to mention I could by alotta shoes with that kind of cash). When I got the letter that I was selected .....I was excited ....and then.......I thought "Oh shit ...what did I get myself into now"? Which has pretty much been my response to a lot of things I have done lately!!   Like my new party adventure as a Pure Romance Consultant! I am super excited (and not just because I get boxes of .....errrrr .......toys .and stuff.............in the mail ~ however that is a bonus) but because this is a new, (yet VERY scary ) adventure ~ where once again I am outside my comfort zone- pushing my limits!  I have found that the other reps not only in the area but all around  are like a new found sisterhood ~ everyone is so supportive and helpful (amazing when you think about it ...... it's all women and no one is clobbering someone over the head with their shoe).

Taking the plunge is the only way I will discover new things and I think this could be an amazing new chapter to add to my 29 (+10+1) years. And if I don't try it ..how would I ever know what will happen?? So here's to embracing change......and all the WTF's that are coming my way (including that big +1 that is rapidly approaching in November)!   


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