Guilty As Charged

It’s true what they say, when you have a good child first you have another thinking it will be the same..… but when you have a bad child first ….you stop at one… PC is a prime example!! Not that he was necessarily  “bad” …he was errrr... difficult and busy…….busier than the other rug rats out there ~ that’s for sure!! PC was born bullheaded (he got that trait from the hubster and not me~ I am as flexible as a Twizzler) he did what he wanted and that was that! WELL …….. he is still like that … which is why we stopped at one!!!
In my next life I plan to be wiser, and listen to all the unsolicited advice I am given, and think things through …….before I go off halfcocked and do what I want to do and not listen to the wiser ones (hum maybe I am a tiny bit bullheaded) …No….…who do I go and listen to ???? I listen to the ones that say YES you should totally do that!!!  Current example….  get a 2nd puppy! OMG – I am thinking that my sweet Jill is the devil dog in disguise and is now corrupting my sweet Jack because he is looking GUILTY lately!!!
Sweet little Jill, the shoe eating little bitch has managed to destroy my beautiful plants out in the back yard, and then looks up at you with that sweet little face like “What? I don’t know what happened”.  Jack …he looks guilty well that and I’ve seen him racing off with plants hanging out of his mouth as he runs around the back yard!

Now my sweet little girl, the shoe and plant eating little one has resorted to a life of crime…. She is now stealing and has an accomplice to help her destroy the evidence! What dog digs out of the yard ……..and returns?? Not only returns… but returns with items that do not belong to her ….. That would be Jill ….I checked out back to see what Jack was barking at, and I saw  his  tail a wagging as he had his head shoved under the fence ….I run over there yell for Jill and............. up pops a red and blue ball!!! As she wiggles her fat little body back through the hole she had freshly dug wagging her tail with that “What? “ face and  Jack races off with his new (stolen) treasure  as happy as can be!!!

I know the “right and mature” thing to do would have been to get the ball from Jack and toss it back over the fence, but I have never claimed to be mature!! Besides, if I took it now, Jill would have just gone back over to get it!! And the neighbor’s grandkids come like once a month and when they are there, they yell and scream, climb up on the fence, and get the dogs all barky barky!! So nope I let the “fur kids” keep the ball….like I said ……never claimed to be the mature one! Checking back on Jack and Jill, the evidence of them ever having a red and blue ball had disappeared … into about 100 foam pieces scattered throughout the yard …… Jack is Jill’s accomplice in her crime spree…….
So to the list of things my sweet little Jill and her accomplice Jack have eaten (this week) …….. you can now add the TV remote …. PC and hubster left the 2 angels unattended while they ran to the grocery store ( WTH??? Why they ever thought that was a good idea I will never know ~ they don’t behave when we are HOME and you left them on the honor system) and came home to a half-eaten remote …(and we were surprised at this???) Your kidding right??? Good thing hubster is a Mr. Fix It or we would have been stuck watching the “ Remote Guide Station” !!! Maybe they were trying to change it to animal planet!! Maybe I need to sign them up for  “Canine Delinquents”  I see they are offering a class this weekend at the SPCA….

And I am assuming at one point .. that the pups will realize that the growling and hissing from the cats .................DOES NOT  translate to ...... a "YES please come closer"!!

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