Adventures of the ER

Why is it some  days are full of excitement while others are full of WTF's ...the hubster hasn't been feeling to good and he actually wanted to go to the ER. So when a man actually asks to be taken to the ER .... You know that somethings wrong!! So off to the ER we go ... Who knew it would be such an adventurous time!

At  least the ER had an interesting cast of characters to keep me entertained.  One man came in with his hand in a bag and his buddy followed him with a big gulp drink  and stood behind him shaking it... Next in walked the bossman ( and the one that spoke English). Everyone scrambled around him to try and figure out what happened. His buddy being the good friend I can only image he was continued to shake the cup at people.... The nurses finally figured out what was in the cup.... The other guys finger!!! See what did I say ....anyone that would put your cut off finger in their drink MUST BE A GOOD FRIEND!!! I cant even begin to count on one finger ......much less my whole friggen hand how many friends that I would let put their finger in my sweet tea!! Sorry guys.. that's just icky!! And I missed the memo that says ER and Wal-Mart are the 2 places it is totally acceptable to be braless in your jammies, socks and slippers too of course! Clearly I was way over dressed after all I had a bra and a shirt on with my jeans and flip flops!!
We finally get called back and put in a room and in comes the NP  who really looks  like she could be 12...a mini Doogie Howser. The nurse we had while very nice really could have used a larger pair of scrubs... when she bent over I didn't get just a crack shot or even a  half moon...nope the entire moon was shining as she bent to fix a cord... as PC would say " I cant UNSEE that"!!
The docs decide they will go take a looksee in hubster's belly to see if they can figure out what's wrong....obviously they are not paying attention to me since I suggested that they narrow it down by removing additional organs..... as they wheel him away in the bed I am left with the REMOTE Finally I will get to see more than 2 minutes of something and I am left with.... my imagination and THIS to stare at...REALLY?? WTF is that......and what the hell was it doing UNDER the bed in the ER???  No-  it is not magnified... and nope I didn't touch it because well ...again WTF is it??? Yes just me and my imagination... GREAT COMBO eh???Not seeing any  aliens forming a colony in hubster's belly,  they sent us on our merry way and a suggestion to follow up with the doctor.
 The adventure didn't end there at the ER thou...
We should totally get our electric bill for free this month or at least a discount....PC  and I get home from school and there are 2 power trucks outside, I come in to change clothes and  I strip down outta my jeans in my bedroom, because I plan on napping so going for comfy pjs and I hear a mans voice really loud yelling to someone I jump and turn to see out my sliding glass window ...which the vertical blinds are half way open..... The freaking power guy is up on the POLE.... REALLY?? Directly outside of my room  - I yelp as I run into my room away from the window and the PC comes running in my room to check on me (ahhh sweet right) and turns to run back out of my room in horror..... So yep pretty sure he will need some additional therapy sessions with the doctor!!

Guess this means we need 2 follow up for the Hubster and one for the Prince!

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