But it's Summer

Do you ever wonder if time travel is possible? I'm pretty sure I am lost somewhere in another universe looking down saying WTF where did the time go??? How did I get here??? What have I been doing?? Everyday is passing us by faster and faster! Looking at the calendar and realizing that half the summer has already disappeared and I have done nothing "summer-ish" at all!! Seriously?? No beach trips, no pool party's, no cook outs, no theme park trips.... really what kind of summer are we having?? I guess that's what happens when you get old....(except I am still 29) so I must be in the hubster's alternate universe where time is running us over (since he is older hahahahaha)!

Now about that summer where did it go......let's see for starters it's 90 plus degrees out oh and my Prince Charming does not like the beach, the sand is itchy, it's to bright out, it's to hot out, nor does he really like people so having a cook out or pool party unless he approves of the guest list  is out, nor does he really care to swim  anymore.......oh yes and than there is the theme parks...well let's see...what could be wrong there?? Oh yes that's right...the people, the lines, the heat, the walking .....did I mention the people and the lines and all the walking and let's not forget it's HOT out!!  Now if he could go to the front to of the line and be in an air conditioned bubble then we might be able to go and not suffer with all the whining and moaning and groaning.....(well at least we wouldn't be able to hear the protesting because he'd be in a bubble!) or he would settle for one of these USB Air Condition Shirts are you kidding me?? They actually make these??

When asked if he can do something, anything really that might require removing his ass from a chair I get hit with "It's my summer break, I'm relaxing" Really??? Humm daily life doe not stop because it's summer, you still need to clean your room, feed the animals, take out the trash....shall I go on!! I know I am such a mean mom...I mean making him go to camp at 3 to 4 days a week - the nerve right? Yes technology camp ... not like it's doing anything strenuous, you pretty much still have your ass glued to a chair ..................well unless you count that they have to walk around the lake 15 times a day, and it's 3 miles one time around...hum guess his imagination is really be put to use there eh??

Today outta be great fun, he has to go to school (gasp - I know during the SUMMER ) and do some testing........ oh and another but it's summer excuse... they are required to turn in a book report by Aug. 7th "But it's my summer!!! I am relaxing and not doing school work !!I already took test at the end of the year!!! I'm not going to take anymore ....it's summer!!!"

ME" Well if you plan on returning to that school in August you will be testing and doing a book report ~ even if it's SUMMER!" Yep that's me the mean ol mom  ~ guess someone has to be right?

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