Hell has offically frozen over and I am first in line to lace up my ice skates and take a spin....okay well I would be if I had ice skates or ice to skate on....and since its 90 plus degrees out lately, I guess we will just go with the metaphore!! The BROWN shirts that have caused me such frustration and given me eye ticks for the past 6 long months is GONE.....all 4 of them!!! GONE...GONE....GONE!!!  Maybe it wasn't exactly all on Prince Chamerings own acord.....could have something to do with the fact that they were starting to disinagrate in the wash, or as they were on the way to the dryer I would get so frustrated at seeing them day after day after day....that I begin tugging just a little harder each day on the collar or the bottom where holes were forming! I know it's not something  that is going to get me the "Mother of The Year" award, these days I am anything but that But a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!!! At least he was able to finish the school year in his beloved brown shirt...but the first day of PC's summer break on May 31st they were done...gone...over with!! Ending  the school year with 5 A's and 2 B's WHOOO WHOOOO!!! PC was excited to actually go to camp this summer.....for the first time ever....he was excited because it's Technology camp!

Camp has started and on Day 1 PC woke up excited, full of energy and tells us that he is excited  because it'll be the 1st time ever that he is attending a camp where the kids are like him, and will like the same things he does. Yep thats great right, only it makes you feel like the shumck  of the year for making him attend all those others camps that kids would die to attend!! Week 1 went great PC loves it, only came home early one time because he was uncomfortable on the field trip .....which included all the recreation centers together for a big field event.....needless to say he wont be attending those and they fall on Thursdays....okay I can deal with that, one day a week he will miss. Well ......... then you have swim days, the child refuses to go in a public pool....okay well you cant really argue with that now can you? I've seen what people do in those pools.....I've heard what people do in those pools.....I can only imagine WHAT  1000 kids do in those pools ewwww!! So Swim days which thankfully there are only 5 for the summer he will go to camp in the afternoon....well at least thats the deal, lets see if he holds up his end of that deal!

Here we are on  Week 2 already and he has attended 6 days of a row! Amazing since last year he went like 8 days out of  10 weeks!! I get home on Monday the start of Week 2 and ask how was camp today? PC replies with a "Ughhh"  and "HOT" and there you go...... it begins.....

I can feel the ice that I was so cooly  skating on before begin to creak as I was foolishly thinking that this summer is gonna be fan-freaken- tastic!!! I can feel I am losing traction and we are only in week 2 6 of summer camp...the same summer camp he was so excited to attend...the same freaking summer camp, I had to  beg and pled and drop names to get him one of the 8 freaken spots they had to offered!!  I  go out to the kitchen where the hubster is whipping upa delicious  homemade meal and said to him...."So camp was HOT eh? Well it is summer, I hope he doesn't try and pull anything because he will be going to camp! " Hubster....... " Well he was hoping to stay home tomorrow and have Will come over and he is going to bring his bike"

 UMMMM can you see the huge crack forming under my ice skates??? Sure the kid can bring his bike with him...doesn't mean they will be out riding will sit right next to PC's and collect dust just like his is's HOT out remember what makes you think they will be out riding bikes and not sitting on their ass like they do daiuly on the computer or watching TV in the nice cool AC????
Me being the mean mom " NO...he needs to go tomorrow, I already paid for the field trip and he is staying home already on Thursday...he can have Will come over than...... please tell me you did NOT already agree to let him stay home? " ( I mean hello WTF??? Every weekend I say hey whats Will doing? Why don't you have him come over and now PC pulls this crap??? UGHHH it's a wonder why I am not in a straight jacket already.... maybe that is the master plan). So their we are at a stand off and of course PC is having a fit, because the field trip was HOT today...and it will be HOT tomorrow.... and blah blah blah! Inside my head I am screaming ......Well it is SUMMER jackass and we live in Florida so yepper it's gonna be HOT!!!!

OMG -are you kidding me?? So once again I get to be the mean old mom and say "NO you are going to camp!"

Well .... the crack is getting bigger now and chunks of ice are starting to pop out of  the frozen pond of hell, because conveniently  after we had the the same discussion / argument for the hundredth time .....about yes he was going to camp, he was already taking Thursday off and going half a day Friday ....he  went to bed only 30 minutes later to get up and was ill, had a bloody nose and a stomach ache...... oh yes..... PC would be a rich man as he milked this tummy ache for all it was worth! Needless to say PC of course got is way and did not attend camp today on day 7 ...... and I had to fight the same battle all over again tonight ....for why he would be attending  day 8 of camp.....  and that I have already paid for THIS field trip also...and because there is nothing WRONG with him ...took him to the doctors....its allergies so suck it up!!!

I might as well be ice fishing at this point,  I have a gapping hole right smack in the middle and the ice is starting to melt already! I have yet again lost the battle on going to hurrdle will be seeing if the Prince sticks to his word and attends camp half day on Friday...... this to shall pass right ??? Or things will start to be REALLY quite at my house!!!

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  1. Doesn't sound good. Need Dad on the same page as Mom, Could be worse he could be doing the pallet in this heat. Mama Pepper