I thought about doing a "Wordless Wednesday" blog post and just post this picture and see if you could figure out WTF is wrong with it!!! Notice the chicken noodle soup boxes, the bottles of couch medicine, the antibiotics, the tubes for PC's nebulizer machine for breathing treatments...oh yeah...and the big FRIGGEN lollipop??? REALLY??? Yep- lets trade a visit with the doctor for a visit to the dentist!! The poor hubster would buy the kid a rocketship if he thought it would make him better!

Needless to say PC is sick, not that we have an official diagnose of what it is !!!It could be viral, could be flu and without a doubt it is the croup. In 3 days we have had 2 trips to the emergency room (oh and for the record NOPE they dont offer BOGO on that), one to the pediatrician, several trips to the pharmacy and well it ain't getten any better............. Gee would that be because he wont take the F-ing $100 plus worth of med's we had to get!! He points, grunts  and moans which is apparently sign language for it hurts to swallow..... pointing to the coffee table is the sign for get me something off the table, because clearly he is to weak to get off his ass and get it when it is only 2 feet out of his reach!

 I do feel sorry for him,I know it sucks to be sick!! But I feel sorry for  the hubster and me to............ as we are all clearly suffering the effects of the "could be's". The hubster can not handle the hacking cough PC has, never has been able to, he is on night 3 of going into the office at 8pm working until like 2am than he comes home and sleeps in the truck until I go and wake him at 7ish in the morning!!! I know PC doesn't feel good, but I think he is overly dramatic to the point I am right over the edge!! And if I peel another snotty, booger filled tissue of the coffee table instead of in his "barf bucket" I just might start to scream!!!

I am getting a glimpse of what his future wife may experience and I am sure I will have to make sure she does not have access to any firearms or shovels!!!

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