Never Never Land

So the past few days my conversation with Mama Pepper (now dubbed as MP) went a little like this.....
Friday night : MP ~ "Have you told him yet?"
ME~"No, not yet"
Saturday morning: MP ~ "Have you told him yet?"
Always with a smile and
 always ready for a party!
ME~"No, not yet"
Saturday night: MP ~ "Have you told him yet?"
ME~"No, not yet"
**Okay so repeat the above for Sunday and Monday until Monday night when it changes to
MP ~ "Have you told him yet?"
ME~"No, not yet"
MP: "Cutting it kind of close aren't you? We are down to the wire you know"
ME~" Yep I sure am"

Well I finally bit the bullet tonight and told PC that Aunt Doll had passed away ~ I KNOW.... I KNOW.....yes I am a wimp and yes this happened 4 days ago and I dunno maybe I thought I could just avoid the conversation and go on my merry little road trip called denial, avoid it much like I did the seating chart for our wedding!!!!

He actually did take it better than I thought he would, plus he's been sick (yes still sick.. ..heading back to the doctors tomorrow - and the hubster is sick and now ...oh yes they gave me their germs too .......ughh) and I just wasn't ready to deal with the drama that I predicted. Clearly I should be a weather girl - they don't have to get anything right ~ he handled it alot better than I expected.

 I have to admit that I also may have tried to bribe/coax him with going shopping for a NICE OUTFIT to wear to her celebration of life party ~ sounded better than a funeral right??  Yes shameless of me I have no doubt, but thought just maybe...........he would see the light and agree ......I got a head nod with that.........but then the brakes came to a screeching halt and he looked up and said....."What do you mean when when you say nice clothes?"

Then that little theme song  for the game shows pops in my head... you know the one before someone hits the buzzer to answer the question...... while I try to plan my next sentence as to NOT say something like "Well certainly not anything your brown frigging shirt". I played it cool with a shrug of the shoulders and casually said...."Oh I don't know, maybe some nice dress pants ( and screaming in my head was because you dont own a pair of friggen long pants) and maybe you can borrow one of dads nice dress shirts, he has some that are really soft" another head nod and a "hummm I don't know". So I guess I will have to wait and see what he decides to do..........

I reminded PC of what he use to tell me when he was 3 years old and my grandmother passed away, he would look right up at the sky and say "Mama dont be sad, Great Grammy is up there in Never Never Land with Peter Pan and Captain Hook."

When the hubster's father passed away and PC was 5, I was looking for the right words to say when  he looked at me as he smiled and
said " P-Pa went to Never Never Land to? Don't worry mama he'll be okay! Now he's with Peter Pan and Great Grammy".

Yep - so there we have it Aunt Doll is now in Never Never Land with Peter Pan, Captain Hook and all the others that have passed before her! PC gave me a hug and a grin as he walked away shaking his head.

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