Hiatus - be gone!

Have I really been on a writing hiatus for 2 years!!! I can't believe that I am still sane! Well I guess we could debate that fact after all is anyone really sane???! Being on vacation at the beach with no Internet (only limited to what I can see on my phone) and about 4 channels of nothing worth watching on TV, all while having Prince Charming (aka PC) mutter about  "How bored he is" reminded me how much  miss writing or should I say jotting down my rambling thoughts, since there is no rhyme or reason to what I have to say! Yes being on vacation I realized I needed to get back to my therapy sessions....aka Pep's Bubble. If that's not enough to convince me I needed to get back in the saddle again the insomnia and conversations racing around in my head sure are!!

 Let's see what have we been up to...well Prince Charming is now 11 going on 30....We just graduated 5th grade and I am so NOT looking forward to middle school! He was diagnosed with ADD and ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) 2 years ago. So that's what I've been doing arguing with him that the sky is blue, rain is wet...... round and round we go...it's almost like opposite day is everyday! Whatever I say....he argues the opposite. It really is quite madding! I have decide Eleven is Exhausting! 

I did a lot of reading on ODD when he was younger and that was what I thought he had for sure! It totally pegged his behavior, but since I don't have MD behind my name everyone told me it was just a stage! Seriously if it was a stage he would have out grown it by 3,4,5,6,7,8, 9 .....humm guess some stages last longer then others aren't I a lucky gal!!! Really I think the ODD is the Dr.'s way of saying "Sorry he's an ass, but here let me make you feel better and give you a label so you can have something to call it". I am very fortunate thou I have read some horror stories on it and compared to those he is still my little Prince Charming....somedays just more then others!

I still have my "big girl" job so that's a plus! I really do love working and enjoy the people I work with! And that's not something everyone can say! The hubby just thinks I like to play dress up every day - and Yeah that's a given! We moved...... yes again but to a bigger house .....and shocker hubby still hasn't figured out how to put the toilet paper roll on the holder.....but at least he has his own bathroom now so I don't really care!

 The hamster Padme finally died (seriously they are only suppose to live like 12-18 months she was almost 4)  and I am happy to say not by being eaten by one of the cats or snake! Another thing I am happy to announce that "Snakie" no longer lives with us either! And NO I did not have him made into a purse or pair of shoes....I think the novelty wore off when PC couldn't get him to eat a live mouse (ewwww) he ate 2 times in the 7 months we had him so we found him a new home with a friend who has lots of snakes and experience with them! Then we were back to just the 2 cats.......well until last year that is and now we have 3. But that's it!! No more pets!!! I don't even let PC or hubby drive by the pet store, much less stop in one!

 FINALLY I accomplished my goal to run a 5k ..... I actually have 5 under my belt and a Mud Crusade Race the hubby did that one with me....it was a 5k with 19 obstacles and yep...you guessed it...it was in the mud! That was ├╝ber fun and we are looking for another one of those to do! And I still suck at running, still hate running but hey at least I am out there and with every race, my time improves! So with any luck one day I will consider myself a runner! LOL just not anytime soon I am sure!

But for my sanity and for PC's health and survival especially with middle school right around the corner.......and of course for the 3 people that probably read this and have wondered what happened to me, I'm back and ready to ramble!

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