I'm over here ....with the Unicorns

A blank canvas ....and nothing to say? Seriously? I have so many rambling thoughts that are running a muck in my head, yet I can't seem to catch them!

Everyone is wondering how is Virtual School? Lets add that to the increasingly long list of WTF have I done now, and how do I fix it?? Needless to say .... this was not the magical cure we had all hoped it would be.The first few days, were nice, but now .......not so much! Obviously my motherly instincts suck at this thing we call kids!!! And NOPE ....I have idea  what's next in my chapter .......maybe I should start thinking of book titles ....."Welcome to Teenager Hell - I'll bring the Marshmallows" sounds catchy right? "This to shall pass...Like a Friggen Kidney Stone" or maybe keep it simple ... "Parenthood - WTH do I do now?". I know they still need some work .....but I'm brainstorming here...... I've got several titles spinning in my head, that I would no doubt be in big trouble with my Mama Pepper for jotting down ... brainstorming or not!

So lets just say there is no need to ask me how it's going so far ....especially because I have now  mastered the art of rolling my eyes (learned from Prince Charming himself) , so far around that I am almost positive that I can see what's behind me! I will be sure to scream it from the roof tops when we are back on track or when I figure out what the hell I am doing.....which ever ones comes first! But thank you for listening when I need to talk it out...........

For now............... I will be in my fairy tale world, where everything is sparkly and pink and I get to slide down rainbows and land on my unicorn. All without spilling my margarita, because some days sticking my head in the glitter is so much better than coming up for air and facing reality!

If you need me....I'll be over here on my unicorn ......

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